BetOnline Vs. Bovada Betting Apps

Concerning offshore top NFL sportsbook review charts, a handful of platforms dominate these standings, with Bovada and BetOnline virtually consistently ranking among them. The appeal of using internet sportsbooks such as these, based in foreign countries yet accepting US residents, lies in that these sites usually have more generous bonuses than those regulated by US gambling bodies while offering more diverse betting markets.

Anyone looking to take advantage of NFL betting websites would be wise to venture a glance outside their state’s borders, checking out internationally-sanctioned apps like BetOnline and Bovada, two of the best NFL betting sites you can sign up for today. Both have years of experience in this industry and unblemished records of paying out wins.

In this article, individual short analyses of these high-end sportsbooks get presented, and then a conclusion follows regarding which is the better gambling website of the pair and why. So read on to find out.

BetOnline Review

BetOnline has been around since 2001, operating under its current name since 2007, when the company running this site moved to Panama. Interface-wise, the BetOnline app is similar to BetUS, another terrific place where to bet on NFL games online. With red being the primary color here instead of BetUS’ blue.

BetOnline follows the typical gambling website organizational pattern, placing its ad banners on the top of the homepage, followed by a selection of upcoming sports events and featured casino games. Yes, BetOnline has a casino section and a poker one too. Links to these are available in the website footer, but the gaming side of things can also get accessed via a button in the bottom navigation bar on mobile screens. It delivers quick availability to the cashier tab and the live betting options.

According to expert reviews on BetOnline, this app boasts an excellent reputation for offering super stable betting software that seldom crashes, some of the highest wagering limits for Americans, posting odds earlier than competitors, and supplying a wealth of seasonal promos. Also, there are no fees for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals here, which is a massive plus. That became available after users flooded the platform’s inbox with complaints about the previously absurd charges.

Another vital thing to know about BetOnline is that it is a sister app to SportsBetting.ag. Both get operated by Commission.bz. They have the same odds, promotions, support staff, and management. They only look different on desktop and mobile browsers.

Bovada Review

Bovada is a part of the legendary sportsbook brand Bodog, founded in 1994. Virtually everyone who, at any point, has had an interest in offshore sports wagering has heard of Bodog, one of the pioneers in this sphere. It founded Bovada in 2011 as its US arm after the US underwent a set of legislative changes. Mohawk Morris Gaming Group is a company based in Quebec, Canada, in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.

Bovada has even better wagering software than BetOnline. As this expert review on Bovada remarks, it has one of the best interfaces in the gambling industry, frequently updated. It blows US competitors like FanDuel and DraftKings out of the water in this department. Gamblers have access to a search function at all times, the bet slip does not glitch, navigation is super easy, and the load times are swift. Anyone that has looked at choosing a site to bet on the NFL has probably read that a platform’s wagering software should rank high on the list of priorities, and Bovada checks this box, boasting the highest grade.

In terms of this design, the sportsbook side of the Bovada platform opts for a clean look. The background is white, mixed with light grays, and the text is black, with shifting odds displayed in red. So, legibility at Bovada is never an issue.

Aside from longevity and ease of use, Bovada’s support staff is one of the best in the sector, with phone and live chat representatives on standby 24/7. It should be noted that the promotions here are above average, and the casino lobby has exclusive games from the provider Woohoo. These are titles that can only get found here.

Which is Better – BetOnline or Bovada?

First, sports betting enthusiasts can hardly go wrong picking one of these two apps. However, if someone gets forced to decide between them, the edge has to fall to BetOnline. Bovada has better software, faster payout speeds, and softer odds. Yet, BetOnline features a welcome package that can give way up to $1,000 in bonus cash. It is more suitable for massive action, has its odds up earlier than Bovada, and has low night limits.

Again, both are formidable internet sportsbooks, and the choice between them primarily falls on what a gambler prioritizes. BetOnline has slightly more of what most casuals desire.

This article was written in collaboration with NFL gambling experts.


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