7 Top Sports Betting Strategies for Becoming a Better Bettor

A betting strategy is a calculated approach used in gambling to make a profit. Sports betting carries considerable risk, and it’s always a good idea to take the time to learn the basics before placing a bet on any sporting event. With the right strategy or combination of different strategies, you can effectively mitigate the risk that comes with gambling.

When implementing a sports betting strategy, the first step is determining how much money you’re willing to risk; this is known as a bankroll. Having a bankroll is important to avoid getting into gambling-related problems that will negatively affect your finances.

Here are some of the most promising betting strategies you should try:

Line shopping

There are many bookmakers to choose from, and each has varying odds. Line shopping is simply the process of exploring several betting companies to find the one with the highest odds before placing your bet.

The odds may not seem like much, but they add up in the end and make a significant difference. There are two ways to line shop; create several accounts with multiple sportsbooks and manually check the odds, or use a sportsbook aggregator.

Capitalize on live betting

Many sportsbooks offer users the ability to place bets on ongoing games. This allows sports enthusiasts to read the game and predict possible outcomes. Although odds are usually lower once a game starts and if the prediction is likely to happen, live betting is one way you can get a few consistent rewards if you take your time to analyze games.

Avoid chasing losses

It’s a natural urge to chase losses when your bet loses. However, this is a bad idea and can lead to even more damaging losses. If you lose your bet, don’t start placing bets on random games; instead, take your time to pick out a few games and properly analyze them. If you feel like it, you can take a break to re-strategize.

Bet objectively

Most people that engage in sports betting are supporters of a sports team or athlete. They are often tempted to place bets in favor of the team or athlete they support, even in unfavorable circumstances, due to their bias. This is a wrong move and almost always ends in losses.

Bets should be placed objectively based on the outcome of thorough analysis, not feelings. If you can’t bring yourself to get over your feelings, then it’s best to avoid events in which you are emotionally invested.

Chasing steam

Chasing steam is a betting strategy that involves following movements in betting odds on sportsbooks. Sportsbooks usually adjust their odds when too many people and professional punters are wagering on one outcome.

To entice people to bet on other outcomes and avoid having to pay out much money, a sportsbook will adjust their odds. In chasing steam strategy, when you notice significant odd changes for a particular outcome, search for a bookie that hasn’t altered their odds yet and bet on that outcome. It’s more or less following the opinion of the public and copying top bettors.

Fading the public

Fading the public is the direct opposite of chasing steam. It involves betting against changing odds. This is done with the belief that the public is wrong about the possible outcome of an event.

The truth is that most bettors are causal bettors who usually place uniform bets. By being keenly observant and analytical, you can detect when a potential outcome is overhyped and seize the opportunity to bet against the public.

When used right, this method yields high returns since betting against public opinion means that the odds you’re wagering on will be much bigger.


Hedging is a betting strategy in which a bettor places a second bet against the original bet. This strategy ensures profit, no matter the game’s outcome. Hedging is usually used when the likelihood of the initial bet winning drops.

Sometimes, people also place hedge bets when the likelihood of their initial bet winning increases. However, in the second scenario, hedging cuts your potential profit because of the money you’ll have to spend to place a hedge bet.

Sports betting is a risky venture. Because of this, you should only stake what you can afford to lose. When appropriately implemented, strategies such as line shopping, capitalizing on live betting, avoiding chasing losses, hedging, betting objectively, chasing steam, and fading the public can increase your chances of winning your wagers.

Don’t be afraid to explore any of the strategies. Combining two or more strategies may not be ideal because everyone has a system that works for them. It’s up to you to figure out what works for you.

There is no ultimate formula to escape losses. However, you should know that anything can happen at sporting events. Teams can spring up a surprise.


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