6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Night Guard for Teeth

Purchasing a night guard for teeth is an effective way to protect your mouth from common night-time ailments like bruxism (teeth grinding). Before purchasing your night guard, there are various factors to consider like size, girth, strength, longevity, and more. 

This blog discusses the six factors to consider for the best night guard for your situation. Or you can visit this site to find the right night guard for your teeth.

Customization Ability

A customized night guard is a transparent malleable device that prevents you from biting or grinding your teeth at night. Similar to shoe-fittings, you want a night guard that fits every inch of your mouth perfectly. If a night guard for teeth is too big, you may experience jaw aches. If the night guard is too small, it will insufficiently protect your teeth. A tailored night guard will ensure comfort as you sleep during the night. Customized night guards come from impressions of your teeth from a dental-based business. You can expect your night guard to go within a week of your visit. 

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Opt for a durable night guard for teeth to prevent grinding and prolonged tooth damage. There are different types to choose from, like hard and soft night guards. When you wear a hard night guard, the jaw can adjust and relax to the more rigid material, leading to increased protection. Soft night guards cause the jaw to work more as you sleep, leading to worsened symptoms since the jaw cannot move around freely. Use a firm, durable, and hard night guard for the best results. 

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Store-bought night guards won’t offer the exact customized fit made from dental impressions. Customized night guards from reputable brands are designed to bring you comfort as you sleep. They are fabricated to sit agreeably in your mouth without sliding or being too big. 


Dental office visits are expensive between the x-rays and testing. A night guard for teeth ranges between $300-$800. Your finances can fall into a hole if you don’t have dental insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover the costs. Obtaining night guard impressions from an authentic and credible business will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run and still offer that dental-quality night protection for your teeth. 

Company Experience

Your teeth mean the world to you, so ensure you receive high-quality service from a company that cares. Your customer service experience will determine how efficiently your dental company operates and its extended level of care. Reviews offer a baseline to how well a company works and its success and customer satisfaction measures. A precise and responsive team will supply the best protection and materials. Find a trusted and superior service brand that delivers results.

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Quality of Materials 

For the best night guard for teeth, you want to ensure the quality of materials is chemical-free and safe for your oral cavity. The best companies should use materials free of BPA, latex, and phthalate. 

Order Your Night Guard For Teeth From an Established Brand

Not all brands are created alike. Save an expensive trip to the dental office and visit a high-quality dental night guard company instead. Dental impression brands save you time and energy while providing optimal service to protect your teeth. Order your night guard for teeth today and learn more inexpensive dental alternatives. 



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