5 Web AR Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

The use of augmented reality (AR) is turning into a big advantage in some industries. Furthermore, the adoption of this technology in certain workflows has been accelerated at a great pace. AR can improve efficiency even in areas, such as:

  • navigation;
  • engineering;
  • business;
  • medicine;
  • science and education.

This is just a small list of areas where Web-based Augmented Reality technologies are already being actively used. The list gets longer every day. After all, the introduction of AR can significantly improve the efficiency of the workplace and benefit both companies and consumers.

According to statistical estimates, more than a billion people are expected to use augmented reality on their phones alone in 2022. Part of this progress has been pushed by pandemic restrictions, as well as increased demand for online shopping.

Nevertheless, what are the most promising areas for the introduction of augmented reality? And where does it make the greatest impact on the industry? We will discuss the above in this article and highlight the top five such areas.

Web-based Augmented Reality in Online Shopping and Marketing

Online shopping with augmented reality is becoming a new trend in the world. Customers are especially interested in the ability to try on products virtually. This technology makes it possible to shop directly from home and understand what a purchased item will look like. Here are some examples of products that can be purchased in this way:

  • furniture;
  • clothing;
  • hats;
  • eyeglasses, bags, and other accessories.

Customers can take advantage of AR when choosing furniture. They can use a cell phone camera to see how a sofa, closet, table, or other items offered in the online store will look in the interior of their rooms. It helps to decide on the color of the furniture and get a visual assessment of its actual size. And the option to change the AR background will even enable you to pick wallpaper for the walls so that it matches with the rest of the interior items.

For example, in the past, such an effort required the help of a designer. However, with augmented reality, all you need is a smartphone and a few seconds of time. Such a well-known brand as IKEA is actively promoting augmented reality technology and has even created a dedicated app for such shopping.

Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

Fitting via AR is gaining momentum in the fashion industry as well. Now it is possible to try on shoes, headwear, glasses, a dress, or cosmetics just by sitting on the couch. Some major brands have aimed most of their efforts into the transition to digital sales in an attempt to keep up with current trends. Therefore, AR technology is being actively promoted in marketing as well.

Consumers have appreciated such a move. It is the ingredient that has enabled them to take their sales to the next level. That is why this business sector is now one of the most promising and easily implementable in terms of introducing augmented reality.

Background Changer Improves Confidentiality in Videoconferencing

Recently, remote work has grown in popularity. More and more top companies have discovered the advantages of such workflow arrangements. And the communication in such cases is mostly carried out via videoconferencing.

Using such a technological tool as AR Background Changer in these cases is just the right choice. This option has taken the confidentiality of video calls to a new level. The user can change the background to any other picture or just hide the background. This helps to avoid revealing the location of the person or just to make the communication more pleasant.

Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

Other technologies are also used in video conferencing. One of the most popular is AR Face. Augmented reality can be used to correct facial imperfections or apply virtual make-up. All these features make you feel more confident when communicating with another person. And AR masks are often used for entertainment purposes.

Almost all modern messengers and video applications have built-in augmented reality filters. Banuba web AR will help to learn more about their capabilities, functionality, and perspective. The company is one of the leaders in the development of augmented reality applications.

AR technology in the Automotive Industry

Vehicles of the future will definitely feature control units with built-in augmented reality technology. Some similar projects are being implemented today as well. A striking example is Tesla cars.

Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

The use of AR has taken the safety and comfort of using vehicles of this brand to a new level. The revolutionary autopilot in cars of this brand is implemented through augmented reality technology. The computer uses special cameras to analyze the environment and project the vehicle into it. Thus, it is possible to identify threats on the road and follow a safe course. The result of this system operation is displayed on the screen.

This experience is being adopted by other developers as well. Therefore, augmented reality technology becomes increasingly integrated into the machine-building industry. And given the demand for such options, there is no doubt that the system will only improve and continuously evolve. Soon all modern vehicles will be heavily dependent on AR and its development level.

Autopilot and increased safety on the road are not the only options that augmented reality is used for. AR is also deployed for such a purpose as driver training. A prime example in this regard is the Volvo Varjo XR-1 headset. It enables you to learn how to drive with the simulator. The process is virtually the same as driving in real life. The system responds to the position of the head and the movement of the person’s pupils while visualizing a picture of the surrounding environment.

  Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

Augmented reality is also used for the sale of vehicles. The process is identical to that described above regarding IKEA. A smartphone app enables users to project the vehicle model they like onto the screen by pointing a camera at their yard or other suitable location. In doing so, it is possible to examine its dimensions, and specific details, and change the color.

Augmented Reality in Education

AR technologies have recently become a popular trend in the educational process. As a result of the pandemic, many have had to switch to distance learning. Communication is performed via videoconferencing applications. 

Most of these applications have a set of filters in their arsenal, thus making communication more interesting and productive. In addition to video communication, augmented reality is used directly in the teaching of some subjects. The teacher at the lesson or the student doing homework can visualize the studied objects in 3D models with the help of AR.

Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

Texts, images, or even videos can also become three-dimensional. Such an educational process is much more interesting than the regular reading of books and brings more fun. Therefore, the information is easier to absorb.

The advantages of using augmented reality in education include the following:

  • it gives a sense of reality;
  • visualization of studied objects;
  • gaining practical experience;
  • specification of abstract concepts;
  • engaging learning process;
  • saving time;
  • the flexibility of the educational process;
  • improved students’ attention span;
  • it provides a better understanding of the subject matter;
  • it improves communication between teacher and students;
  • it stimulates the imagination.

With such benefits in mind, it is rather reasonable to expect further improvements in augmented reality technology for education and even its greater integration into the educational system.

Augmented Reality in Indoor Navigation

Navigation through AR technology is a very promising project. Some part of the system has already found its application in large enterprises, airports, hotels, or warehouses.

The concept of the system is simple:

  • the user scans a special code through a smartphone;
  • sets the desired location or room;
  • follows the markers that appear on the phone screen (when the camera is on), indicating the direction of movement.

Such an application makes it easy for a user to find the right item in a warehouse at a distribution center, the right room in a large hotel, or the exit from a huge airport. This technology is now actively being developed. And there are already the first developments for navigation, which can be used by drivers. Using augmented reality, the user not only sees a holographic image of the route, but also, for instance, the height of a tunnel, road signs, and distances to certain objects.

  Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

The introduction of this technology into the tourism industry looks promising. It will be much easier for visitors to navigate in unfamiliar cities.


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