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Easy Way To Have A Painless Period



Every woman has this unwanted visitor every month, when we are mentally and physically trying to hang at the backdrop, with bloating, cramping and cravings, irritability and numerous other syndromes.

Somehow, despite managing it for months and years, it does affect us with the same intensity of maddening frenzy every single month, keeping us off-shelf and lying low.

But our monthly visitor is there to stay, till our bio-clocks merrily carry us to menopause, which is another ball-game, altogether.

So, we got to do things that will keep us in good spirits during the days of our periods without us being too discreet about it.

1. Comfort Pills

Though popping too many pills is not good, it may help to keep some medication handy in case the period pain is causing too much of discomfort; particularly ahead of some important meeting or event. It may alleviate pain symptoms on the days of heavy bleeding, thus reducing unavoidable botheration.

 2. Keep your Stock of Sanitary Pads Ready

Whether you get your period on time or out of the blue, it is always a good idea to stock up your supplies, especially one or two in your purse. This makes you more prepared and helps you avoid any embarrassment.

 3. The Right Pad

Opting for a right pad is very important. On the days of heavy bleeding, one can opt for the thinner yet highly absorbent ultra-pads. This helps in dealing with periods more comfortably and discreetly. In case someone has sensitive skin, one can opt for pads that have a cotton cover on top. Whatever suits one’s flow and skin sensitivity, one must buy the pads accordingly.

4.Warm Water Bath

A warm water bath is an excellent remedy for pain and discomfort during periods. The warmth relaxes the stiffness of the abdominal and vaginal muscles. Therefore, it may give some relief in the cramps. Moreover, after a bath, you feel clean and fresh. However, some people caution against using water that is too hot because it is said to increase bleeding.

5.Light Exercise

It is natural to feel tired and exhausted during periods. But experts say that some light form of exercise is very beneficial for the physical and mental state of our body. Exercise makes the body release endorphins, which act as the natural painkillers of the body, thus easing cramps. It also alleviates retention symptoms and can lighten one’s mood. Some studies even suggest that exercise can reduce the days and intensity of flow during menses. However, if the discomfort is too much to bear, it is worth taking adequate rest


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