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Android 7.0 Nougat Update Now Available for Infinix Note 3

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Infinix Note 3 Android 7.0 Nougat Update .Shortly after we published a list of Infinix phones to get the Android 7 update , Infinix Note 3 has been confirmed to be the very first of all Infinix phones to get the Android 7 Nougat update .

If you are a Note 3 user , you should be getting the Android 7 Nougat update on your Note 3 in the form of OTA (over-the-air), meaning the download process will happen on your phone. The OTA file size is quite enormous , so ensure you have enough data or download over unlimited wifi.


ndroid 7.0 Nougat Update Now

Infinix Note 3 Android 7.0 Nougat Update comes with the following features

  • split screen of apps – the ability to use two apps at the same time on the screen
  • brand new pull-down shortcuts and toggles
  • improved battery performance  for the already huge 4000mAh battery of the Note 3

For the uninformed , the Infinix Note 3 is Infinix current flagship phone i its Infinix Note series of Smartphones ,it will be succeeded in  few Months time by the Infinix Note 4 which is already in the making .

That is all there is for now , we will keep you updated as more Infinix Phones more upgraded . To be the first to receive prompt update or to be notified when more Infinix Phones are launched  click here , so we can add you to our notification list .

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  1. The update is set to occur in stages over the coming weeks, and some carriers will receive the update later than others. Google hasn’t been more specific than that, so for now if you have one of the devices above you’ll just need to keep an eye out. It will be obvious when the update is available for your device, as Nougat will be pushed to devices as an over the air software update, so you should get a notification when it’s available.

  2. hi all, first of all the OTA update much longer time than expected i have a good internet connection but still it takes more than 3 days to download 1.5 GB update after all when its done my cell (infinix note 3 pro) is on installing process for more than 10 hours and still its going on lets see…

  3. I have just updated my infinix note 3 pro. Before the update I opened the lock screen with finger print and also voice recognition. After the update, finger print is no longer able to open the lock screen. PIN is required, mean while I don’t know any PIN. How can I resolve the problem?

  4. Mine is hanging after the update, what should I do? I feel like formatting it but my fear is that I might lose the version 7.0.

  5. i have updated my note 3 to Andriod version 7.0.

    it seems a bit cool doh.

    i downloaded d update 4 over 6days.

    bcos of d network download limits restrictions been place by the Infinix team.

    but my question now is.

    how do i divide my screen into two 2 perform two different tasks simultaneously lik most recent tecno phones dat comes with andriod 7.0 .(Tecno CX)

    1. Waooooooo , that is almost one week .to enable the split option ,open the two apps u wish to place on th split screen ,the tap on ur multitasking button , then Now tap and hold on the first app you wish to add on the top of the display. Drop it into the box that says ‘Drag here to use split screen.’

      do same for the same app , hope this helps?

  6. I have downloaded the 7.0 version but my internet signal keeps showing 3G meanwhile before the update it was on H+ What is the problem?
    Secondly the audio profile(vibration,silent) is not showing again. Help me out

  7. After the update I cannot share my WiFi connection to my PC again and my H+ is gone, now 3G displays on MTN, what is the solution?

  8. My phone is not rooted, and is only 4 months old. But whenever I try updating, It says update failed. Even after successfully downloading the update.

  9. Even with good network, it took 4 days to download completely. And now, I’m still waiting for the phone to restart after 2 hours. I just hope I won’t need to reset and if it works, I’ll probably not install an update in future. Too stressful.

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