Upcoming Apple Macbook Pro to feature fingerprint scanner, OLED Touch Panel, others

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Reports earlier this year have stated that the Apple MacBook Pro line of PCs will be redesigned and refreshed this year. The report stated that the new design would be lighter and thinner, would come with USB-C support, and would not feature the MagSafe charging port. New reports filtering in are adding to the list of features the next generation of Macbook Pro is getting, namely an OLED Touch Panel and Fingerprint Sensor.

The OLED Touch Panel will be introduced to replace the row of function keys positioned at the top of the Macbook’s keyboard. This will make it easier to use the laptop in darkness, because the light from the Touch Panel will totally illuminate the function keys and partially illuminate the entire keyboard. The function keys would only need to be tapped, also, like a smartphone screen, instead of pressing down buttons all the way.


The fingerprint sensor, on the other hand, will be baked into the power button of the Macbook Pro, and will be similar to the Touch Id functionality found in the home button on iPhones. The power button housing the fingerprint sensor will be in the same row with the OLED function keys, and would allow users to power on the Macbook Pro and unlock all at once.

The 2016 line of refreshed Macbooks will feature three models; the high-end MacBook Pro with a 15-inch display, Thunderbolt 3 support & four USB Type-C ports, a new middle-range Macbook model with 13-inch display, and the 12-inch Macbook Air at the lower rung.

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