How to create a secure password and how to keep it safe

In the digital era we live in, creating a strong password is essential. We need our password for more activities than ever before such as online shopping, socializing and banking. To get into our accounts we need our password. When someone gets hold of your personal login details, he or she gains access to a lot of sensitive data. Creating a secure password is not as difficult as many people think. On the one hand you’ll need to make sure your password is strong but also easy to remember. Let’s explore how you can achieve this.

How to create a secure password

If a password is predictable it means it is weak. ‘ABCD’, ‘1234’ and ‘password’ are no good for that reason. You’re almost asking a hacker to access your account when you use a password like that. To make a secure data transfer, a password has to be good and you’ll have to use a larger variety of characters. The obvious downside of this is that it is more difficult to remember. The upside of things is that you make it a lot more difficult for a hacker to access your account. In other words: the best thing is to have a password with a large variety of characters that is also easy to remember. A good solution is to come up with a phrase. If you use every first character you can come up with great passwords.

Here is an example:

I really like watching football every Saturday night at 9:30.


Your password becomes stronger when you use both capital letters and normal letters. You could choose to capitalize all the nouns. The above password would look like this then:


Using numbers and symbols will add a little to your password security too. An exclamation mark to show that you really like watching football every Saturday night at 9:30 would not hurt.

How to keep it safe

Once you’ve created your first password you need to be creative yet again. Having one strong password is great but as soon as a hacker gets hold of your one password the hacker will be able to open all the accounts you use. To prevent this from happening, having more than one password is an absolute necessity.

Another thing you’ll need to be weary of is that you don’t fill in your password when using someone else’s WiFi in places such as libraries, schools and cafes. Keep in mind that the computer does not remember your login details and that the safest way to access the net is by using your own computer at home.

Creating a secure and strong password is just one way of combating hacking.Do not forget to keep other information safe.

What other methods do you use to generate your passwords? you can share it with us in the comment below.

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