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How To Create A sticky Post On Blogger/Blogspot



Sticky post are posts similar to pinned posts on Facebook pages which admins have chosen to display permanently on the home page of the blogger blog usually to pass out important information like contests and other freebies. Creating a sticky post on blogger blog is easy and quick as possible.

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How To Create A  Sticky Post

Creating a sticky post is as simple as creating, editing and publishing a post. To make a post sticky, first create and publish the post you wish to make stick. Immediately after publishing your post, proceed to edit the already published post. While on the post editor, you need not change anything inside the post content, simply change the publishing date to a future date. The publishing date can be found in the post setting area of your post editor
NB..The publishing date should only be changed after your post is published, otherwise you will be creating a scheduled post
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