Where does the best offshore hosting dwell?


Offshoring is the way to save or diversify potential property and security threats. In case of relating the subject to the website industry, foreign hosting avoids accessibility and speed problems or reduces taxes.

Arguably, the website located abroad is part of six flags based on the idea of diversifying life. Internet became the sixth component in addition to the second passport, official residence, vacation places, business location, and storage of your money. Your web resource hosting is also crucial. 

However, how to choose the best offshore hosting and domain? .com, .net, .us domain zones are under the strict United States control. The server may locate anywhere, but if the US administration highlights any violation, it will block your resource remotely. A domain owner must agree with the necessity to adopt and follow American laws. Such hosting providers guarantee stable work, but their prices are relatively high. Add the huge tax load here, and you’ll probably want to escape or at least avoid a contract with the Western hemisphere dominator. After all, it is a matter of personal choice. 

Some countries provide cheaper services, but websites are often in danger. Have you heard about hosting providers in China? They obviously exist; maybe their tax rates are convenient, yet, not many websites will pass the local firewall. Each country dictates its rules of freedom or website design. Let’s find what’s best in the VPS segment: countries, operators, peculiarities.

Top five locations

Germany holds number 5 in our rating. Their national culture regarding privacy is an advantage. Most servers are located in the wartime defense coverages or other special server destinations. Even if somebody tries to bomb it, the servers will continue to work. Mind you, the Tor browser network guard servers are situated there. Its creators understand that nobody will breach their data here. Germany is a part of the EU, so you must keep up to the Union’s legislative base to the date and agree to any obligatory directives.

Norway is the natural fridge for international companies. Local data centers are increasing the speed and capacity possibilities. However, they are a bit expensive compared with other territories. The Scandinavian triangle of Norway, Finland, and Denmark has strong privacy and security laws. However, the country with its capital in Oslo is under the European Union’s control.

Singapore is the best location in the Pacific area for offshore VPS. The islands are in constant danger of climate change, but this technological hub is the exemption. Natural disasters are rare there. Even more, the customer will discover that the operator from Singapore locates its equipment in Japan or Malaysia. That’s not odd as Singapore is a tiny country.

Iceland is in second place on the list due to innovations. Their local data centers use geyser energy for electricity production, minimizing its effect on the environment. The Data Protection Act of 1998 guarantees the freedom of companies to choose the users’ data policy. The country is the knot of high-speed internet cables between the US and Europe. Thus, your website will work without delays in the Western hemisphere 

Switzerland has built the best infrastructure outside Europe. Despite having some severe antiprivacy organizations’ headquarters, it keeps the Web privacy with seven seals. The server works as the famous Swiss clock.

The reverse side

What are the worst places for hosting? These are countries with restricted Internet use or word liberty like China, Iran, Russia, etc. Any personal data become the pray of intelligence. Even more to it, the regulator may deactivate an account, which is possibly criticizing their authorities.

The islands and coastal areas deal with climate changes. Some areas of Oceania like Fiji, detached parts of the Netherlands, and European Baltic countries may eventually disappear under the waters of the World Ocean. Sure, we mentioned Iceland and Singapore, but these are rule exemptions.

The war-torn countries with active military actions or dangerous weapons left by enemies are an awful idea for any projects, in case of artillery bombing and no electricity for days or months. Local operators offer better prices and higher speeds, but what about infrastructure? Will the users wait for your return?

A particular word about Ukraine

The last paragraph is partly true for Ukrainian operators. Our country’s eastern and southern regions suffer from the Russian invasion as of July 2022, reducing the capability of the national internet network. Some UA-IX border points are ruined or located under the control of Russian troops. Some operators still work on the 100MBps ports.For those who are looking for offshore hosting, here is a list of the best providers.

However, cooperation with the Ukrainian operator isn’t a bad idea. The liberalization of the relations between Ukraine and the European Union opened the doors of local data centers for them. Most hosting providers from Ukraine have racks in one or several European countries. That practically means you support Ukraine and get a professional team, superior servers, and quick, stable ping. Some operators use international facilities as backup areas. Switching between them is unnoticeable for users. Mind you; the Ukrainians will respect your business more if it uses national data centers and .ua domains.

How to choose the best offshore hosting provider

  •   Use the rating system to choose the leading providers in this category. Check the accessibility of their websites.
  •   Study the information about their facilities: equipment, data center location, and additional options. No server with GPU for innovative projects or cooperation with an aggressive country.
  •   Compare three or four offers of the required configuration. Favor the candidate with better conditions and less cost.
  •   Call the winner to order the service as seen on their website or social network.
  •   Enjoy the service.

Maybe the winner will be VSYS Host? This service provider doesn’t cooperate with risky markets and avoids untrusted customers. Their European data center has quick respective NL-IX and AMS-IX coverage. Sound like a good idea, isn’t that right?



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