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Reduce any kind of swelling inside the body

Internal swelling is often a side effect of a medication or the result of a serious injury. You should seek immediate medical attention if you experience rapid, unexplainable swelling, especially if you also experience unexplained weight gain and pain.
For goiter/ any kind of swelling inside the body some even have no established medical cause.


take n blend 6 leaves of sour fruit in a glass of water use it to drink early in the morning before eating anything. You can eat 30 minutes afterwards. Do another glass at noon & evening.
Alternatively boil a lot of ginger with no sugar use the dosage as above, in the morning before eating anything, at noon & evening as well.
NB: Depending on the extent of the illness, the dosage should go upto 3 months but if the illness disappears before 3 months you can stop the dosage.
Both dosages are 100% functional but the first remedy is the most effective.

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