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Importance Of Using Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Once I was completely free and decided to play a dentist for my child at home. It was a good two-hour fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the moments. Later, I was a bit intrigued and decided to look for interesting facts and real information regarding our oral hygiene. The more I protruded the web, the more interested I became and I ended up dedicating almost a complete day on the oral products that I had used and more importantly their efficiency which they had in our lives. While many were genuine, I came across something unsettling.

Every product I had used- though they were extremely safe, had one or two contents in them that are a bit questionable. For example, the presence of fluorides and sweeteners are there in a majority of tooth pastes and they seldom are favorable for your health. In some cases even glycerin was used; things of which I do not have a high opinion of. That’s when I decided to go completely natural as much as possible and started to do little more exploration on these levels.

Imagine my wonder when the thing which I was so fond of, was recommended as the best alternative to tooth paste. More over this ingredient has been used for centuries and is still used as a byproduct in many tooth pastes. Okay, no surprise here- we are talking about the coconut oil and how they are beneficial when they are used as a tooth paste.

Before that, making it in a tooth paste format is an extremely simple process. Take half a cup of edible virgin coconut oil and warm them. To it add exactly 2 tablespoon of baking soda and some 10 drops of cinnamon essential oil. Stir them well and allow it to cool. In case you require a thick paste like consistency, add some edible Bentonite clay and mix it well. There, your home made coconut oil tooth paste is ready to use. If not daily you can use it alternate days or thrice a week to reap the maximum benefits. Now let us look at why they are advantageous.

Reasons To Use Coconut Oil As A Toothpaste:

1. Fight Against Cavities

The regions of your mouth are always prone to more bacterial growth and infections. This is the root cause of cavities and other oral discrepancies. Coconut Oil as you know is antibacterial and anti fungal in nature. This makes it one of the effective ingredients to use in the fight against bacteria and other gum related germs. You can either massage coconut oil gently on the gum regions or you can alternate it with the homemade coconut oil toothpaste we have described above. Coconut oil initially leaves a sloppy flavor in your mouth, but after rinsing for a couple of times this effect would be minimized.

2. No Harmful Chemicals

This is the best reason why you should start using coconut oil as tooth paste and in your oral hygiene routine. It is completely natural and has zero chemicals that can cause harm even in the remotest way possible. Most of the conventional kinds of toothpaste – even the natural flavored ones, use one or two ingredients like fluoride and triclosan that are not good in the long run. Moreover, coconut oil can be used irrespective of the age and even children can safely use them.

3. Use It For Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a concept that is gaining in popularity nowadays and coconut oil can be best used for it. It works on the same concept of how you would rinse your mouth with a mouth wash. You are not supposed to gargle with it but you have to only rinse your mouth with it by making it go to every region of your mouth. Oil pulling is effective against germs and gum related problems that hamper your oral region. It is also beneficial in eliminating the bad breath caused by bacteria. Rinse a small cup of oil for about 5 minutes and spit them out. It is not advisable for kids as they could have a tendency to swallow it.

4. Use It For Gum Massage

Sometimes we ignore one crucial aspect that gums are also a part of our system and it needs regular monitoring too. We mostly brush and floss once or twice a day and we expect every problem of our mouths to be taken care of. This is incorrect and gums need a rubdown at least once a week. Coconut oil can be best used for these types of massages. Coconut oil can be beneficial in reducing the plague causing agents and can make way for a robust gum structure. Take a few drops of coconut oil on your finger tips and gently massage on your gums. Apply on the sides and the top region of your teeth too. Let it absorb for some 5 minutes and rinse well with water to remove the effects.

5. No Foaming Agent

The very image we get of using a tooth paste is one where we use a toothbrush in our mouth filled to the brim with foam. Foaming agents in your toothpaste are made of chemicals and in some cases, a few of them can hamper your taste buds. This is the major reason why any food tastes bad after brushing. Coconut Oil as tooth paste, on the other hand, is without any such foaming chemicals and can be safely used. It is also beneficial for maintaining the natural lipid balance in your tongue. Try out coconut oil for a few weeks and notice the difference yourselves.



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