How Many Rows of Hand Tied Weft Extensions Do I Need?

Are you planning to make hand-tied weft hair extensions? Then you will probably be interested to know how much hair will be needed for this beauty treatment. Keep reading our article to know more about it.

How Do You Know How Many Rows of Extensions You Need?

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are one of the most popular extension techniques, which allows you to have the hair of your dreams by easily adding length and volume. 

The process is as follows:

  1. First, the stylist prepares for you a hand-tied tress – a single row of hair attached to a special base for sewing. It is made taking into account the features of your curls: their density, desired color, structure, and length, as well as the size of the head.
  2. Once the weft is ready, you come to the hair tech for the extension procedure. During this beauty treatment, a thin invisible braid is made around the head. The braid shouldn’t be too tight (otherwise it can cause migraines or even fall out of strands) or too loose (then the hairstyle will fall apart).
  3. The hand-tied weft is sewn into the braid. The number of rows is determined individually. (We will discuss it later in more detail).
  4. Hair extensions should be installed so that their fixation place is covered by natural hair.
  5. During the reapplication procedure, the stylist removes the weft and unbraids the hair.  Then the braid is made again and the weft is re-sewn into it. Note: the hand-tied weft cannot be cut, otherwise it will unravel and you will not be able to use it.

Let’s move on to how many rows are needed: usually 2-4 strands are sewn in each row. Sometimes one row is enough, but sometimes you may need two or three of them.

The optimal number of rows depends on:

  • The thickness of your natural hair;
  • Desired length;
  • The client’s wishes on how the final hairstyle should look.

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