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Potentials Of Multiple Purpose Plant Jatropha Leaves

Hospotal too far also known as – Jatropha curcas L. (Euphorbiaceae) is a multiple purpose plant with potential for biodiesel production and medicinal uses. It has been used for treatment of a wide spectrum of ailments related to skin, cancer, digestive, respiratory and infectious diseases.

Hospital Is Too Far is so good it can be used to treat the following ailments: Vaginal discharge therapy. Smoothens defecation. Cures rheumatism.

You simply need to only take some pieces of jatropha leaves, then wash them gently and blend thoroughly to squeeze the liquid. Put them on the scare and leave until dried. The liquid has many essential protein and vitamins to regenerate and revitalize the skin cells recovery.

Those scares like blister and scratch on the surface of your beautiful skin

would be better not to be left since it can trigger into ulcers (Buruli ucler) is a kind of skin that look cancer of the skin, which might have been worse. Jatropha leaves are the best natural and free side effect to stop the bleeding and fasten the dried process of the skin scare.

2. Defecation Smoothing:
Another benefit of jatropha leaves for the body health is to smoothen the defecation process. When one have constipation, then you can consumed jatropha leaves as the solution for your problem. It goes naturally stimulate your digestion system to smooth the excretion process. Consuming jatropha leaves raw will be much better and fast give the impact to cure your constipation.

3. Curing Rheumatic:
One of the diseases caused by lack of body exercise or work out is rheumatic. Rheumatic is a condition where your joints loss their flexure due to the lubricant decrease. When you rarely do the body activities, your body will automatically lose its flexibility and lubricant level which enable you to be free of joint paint. Rheumatic is really painful so that many people get suffered from it will do everything to cure it.

Literally, you don’t need to use much medicine to cure the disease since jatropha leaves are the best natural nature gift from God to cure rheumatic. Jatropha is rich of flavonoid, anti-oxide, protein, calcium, and potassium which are really helpful to cure the illness. You may stew the leaves and eat as your daily menu or boil the leaves with cups of water and drink the herbs drink regularly. See the difference in couple of weeks!

4: Inflammation Reliever:
Inflammation does not only happen to the bones and muscle only but also on teeth and gum. Basically, inflammation appears in where the blood veins are located. Teeth and gum inflammation are very painful and annoying. You cannot barely to eat and even talk. Rather than consuming any generic medicine, trying to consume jathropa leaves will work even faster and safer. You can make it into boil herb drink or just simply stew it and chew like eating salad.

5: Skin Problems Solution:
Skin might be the most risk of getting disorder since it functions as the body cover to protect the organs. Skin always gets contacted to various dust, particles, bacteria, and so on. Therefore, skin often gets many disorders like inflammation, phlegm, and ringworm due to some bacteria and strange materials exposure. Use jatropha leaves to cure these conditions by attaching them on the surface of the skin area which exposure by the illness regularly until the sup is dried.

6: Vaginal Discharge Therapy:
Vaginal discharge which is quite often being the serious problem for women reproductive system needs to be paid attention more. Unfortunately, there are many who are still less care of maintaining their reproduction system, including therapy the vaginal discharge.

Maintaining the reproduction system health is very essential, one of the steps is by drinking jatropha leaves extract to cure or prevent vaginal discharge. The natural essence of jatropha leaves will prevent the vaginal discharge and maintain the vagina health way better.

7: Fever Healing:
Another benefit of jatropha leaves for the body is to solve the fever, particularly for the children. Children might get worse risk of suffering from fever since they have such unstable yet quite low immunity system. Fever has rich of natural anti-oxide and cold sensation to cure the fever without giving any side effects. Simply put the slices of jatropha leaves on your children’s forehead and leave them for a while.

8: Men Vitality:
For men who have such less confident with their penis size, it is strongly recommended to apply jatropha leaves extract or herbs drink to be a natural compound to bigger the penis. Moreover, jatropha leaves contain much vitamins and oxygen level which are good for the blood circulation around the penis organ to make it looks bigger and healthier. Drink regularly for minimum once in a week to get the best result of it.

9. Excellent blood builder.
Boil and drink leaf thrice daily for a better result.

10. it cancels spiritual spells on individuals who use them for such purpose by boiling leaves and bathing with them. Sponge used should be thrown away respectively.

11. Helps to fight against HIV in the human body.by building immunity to fight the virus.

12. Helps people with pile.


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