Ways to Reduce Shrinkage on Natural Hair

Keep your natural hair healthy and give these natural hair care tips a try. We’ve compiled seven of the best natural homemade remedies to prevent hair breakage and shrinkage.

  1. One of the effective hair care tips to prevent natural hair shrinkage is to detangle with coconut and jojoba oil.

Natural hair tangles so quickly so make sure you do something about the knots that constantly form. Heat up coconut oil and jojoba oil and apply the warm mixture on your hair and scalp. Using your fingers, work your way through your hair and detangle the knots. The oils keep your hair tangle-free and moisturized. And this moisture can prevent dryness in your hair. We all know that humidity can cause dryness and shrinkage so make sure you moisturize your hair well enough. Natural oils can easily be found in your pantry.

2. Shampoo your natural hair in braids.

This is one of the natural hair care tips that beat shrinkage. Twists can give a little extra length and braids create some tension or stretch. This is one of the natural homemade remedies that require no ingredient, just water and shampoo in your bath.

3. Use thicker conditioners.

The thick formula of your conditioner can allow your hair to “hang” a little more because of the extra weight. You may want to try the caramel conditioning treatment using honey, vinegar, molasses and bananas that are blended together to form a caramel consistency. This homemade natural hair conditioner is an excellent hair moisturizer.

4. Braid or twist your hair while it isn’t fully dry.

When your hair is about 20–30% wet, twist or braid it then allow it to fully dry before braiding/twisting out.

5. Try the sour cream or yogurt treatment.

This dairy-based treatment makes the lactic acid work in stretching out the hair. Lactic acid acts as temporary hair relaxer which results to elongated curls. Lactic acid is also found to restore the strength and elasticity of hair strands.

6. Make a banana-olive oil conditioner.

Blend olive oil with glycerin, honey and mashed overripe banana to make a paste. Apply it onto your hair and let it sit for 45 minutes under a shower cap. Detangle and rinse as usual.

The banana softens the hair and minimizes shrinkage while olive oil moisturizes hair and honey and glycerin act as humectants. Because bananas are rich in tryptophan which is an amino acid that acts like protein, it keeps hair follicles from shrinking.

7. Get the moisture, hang and slip that you want from a homemade conditioner composed of overripe avocado, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and shea butter.

When mixed, these ingredients create a thick, heavy and moisturizing conditioner.

With these hair care tips to prevent natural hair shrinkage, you never have to worry about not being able to show off your hair’s length. Give these natural homemade remedies a try and reduce your hair shrinkage. The ingredients can easily be found in your kitchen and involves little to no effort in making.


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