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Chickpea Salad for Weight Loss


Chickpea Salad for Weight Loss: This recipe includes the goodness of apple, tomato and carrot each of which is known to aid weight loss.

High-Protein 4-Ingredient Chickpea Salad Recipe:


Here we bring you a chickpea salad recipe that can be a healthy and tasty addition to your diet regime. Besides chana, this recipe also includes the goodness of apple, tomato and carrot – each of which is known to aid weight loss.

All you have to do is add all these ingredients in a bowl and season with cumin powder, red chili, black salt, lime juice, honey, coriander leaves and mint leaves.

Here’s The Step-By-Step Recipe For Quick And Healthy 4-Ingredient Chickpea Salad:


1 cup overnight soaked chickpeas

Half apple, finely chopped

1 carrot, grated

1-2 tomato, finely chopped

For seasoning:

1 teaspoon roasted cumin powder

1 toasted red chilli, coarsely crushed

Black salt, as per taste

Lime juice, as per taste

1-2 teaspoon honey

Half teaspoon coriander leaves

Half teaspoon mint leaves


Step 1. Take chickpeas, apple, carrot and tomato in a mixing bowl. Keep aside.

Step 2. Prepare the salad seasoning with the ingredients mentioned – pound the coriander leaves, mint leaves in a mortar pestle. Add the rest of the ingredients to it and mix.

Step 3. Drizzle the seasoning on the chickpea bowl and mix everything together. You may also add some toasted nuts or shredded paneer to garnish the salad bowl.

You may either have this salad as a complete meal or add it as a side dish with your lunch and dinner.


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