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8 Basic Tecno R7 Hidden Features and Tricks


Tecno R7 is not just the best of tecnos phone in term of technical specs-it is also stuffed with some great options to explore which  remain little known to even advanced users

Below are the Tecno R7 hidden features and semi-secret, as tipped by the company.

Tecno R7 Voice Command

The tecno R7 is equipped with a voice command feature that allows you to unlock your phone with your voice .This can be enabled by

Go to ‘Device Settings’

Click on ‘Security’,

Go to ‘Screen Lock’ and click on the ‘Voice Unlock’ function to unlock the command

Tecno R7 Proximity Gesture

With tecno R7 proximity gesture enabled, you can move through pages with a wave without touching the screen!

To activate this function,

Go to ‘Settings’,

Click on ‘Action’

Check the “Open Action”, and the “taking operation” Box

 Tecno R7 Advance Power Saving Mode

The Tecno R7’s Advanced Power Saving Feature and its impressive battery capacity of 2430 mAh makes you have so much time to do so much more with your phone.

To activate this function,

Go to ‘Settings’

Click on ‘Power Save’

Go to ‘Mode Setting’

Click on ‘ Super Saving’

Shake To Change Track

With your Tecno R7, you do not need to unlock your Device to change a song, Just shake your Tecno R7 to move to the next track.

 Wireless Display

your Tecno R7 comes with a Wireless Display, a  Feature that allows you connect your R7 to a Wireless TV or other external Wireless display.

To activate this,

Make sure you have a ‘Smart Wireless TV’ or “Wireless External Display’

Go to ‘Settings’

Click on ‘Display’,

Turn on your ‘Wireless Display’,

Search for ‘Wireless External Display’,

Connect and Enjoy.

Flip To  Mute

Do you know that the Tecno R7 comes with features like the “Flip to Mute” ? It’s easy, just flip over to silence unwanted incoming calls.

To activate this function,

Go to ‘Settings’,

Go to ‘All’

Click on ‘Action’

Check the “Open Action” and the “Flip Mute” Box.

Wave To Answer

Did you know that you can answer any call by waving your hands over the screen of your Tecno R7?

To activate this function,

Go to ‘Settings’,

Click on ‘Action’

Check the “Open Action”, and the “Wave to Answer” Box.

With this done, just wave over your phone to answer any calls.


Did you know that the Tecno R7 comes with a Powerful Multi-task feature that enables you watch videos while doing other things like sending messages, pinging, etc all at the same time?

To activate this function:

Go to your ‘Video player’

Pick any Video of your choice

Click on the ‘Box icon’ at the top right corner of your ‘video player’

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  1. Nice one …. Where are does wh said tecno smartphone won be innovative, that is there would be n special features in it….but ere are 7 special features f the tecno R7, just as it name implies, R7 …Re-featured 7 …thanks for this nfo .

  2. Kindly tell how to receive my incoming calls on Tecno R 5. I can only terminate calls but can’t pick the incoming calls.

  3. Why isn’t there an update for this phone yet?? I’m using it & its really fun… Hpe its update will be coming soon to see which features come next


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