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How To Make Money Watching TV: Viggle



Viggle is a loyalty program that allows users to earn points that they can redeem for gift cards by watching TV. By downloading the app, filling out the form, and watching TV, you are providing information that advertisers want to pay for. And you will be the one getting paid. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any Android device, you can take advantage of this little opportunity.
This is by no means a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. You earn a couple points at a time. Even if you are a big TV watcher, you will probably only earn between $5 to $10 per week. However, that is quite a bit of money to earn doing virtually nothing and enjoying the time doing it.

Here’ how it works. After you have downloaded the app, filled out the relatively simple registration, and verified your email address, you can begin watching TV. Any time you put on a show, you open the app to “check in” to whatever you are watching. The only catch is that it has to be a live show. You cannot earn points for a show you have DVR’ed to watch later. Although, some users have reported that it sometimes works. So it is worth a shot to check in no matter what.

After you have hit the “Check In” button, turn up the volume on your TV. Your phone, or whatever device you happen to be using, needs to “hear” the show before you can get credit for it. Make sure you have reliable high speed internet from Clear
You will want to make sure you have unlimited internet connection.    You will then earn one point per minute of watching the show. For this reason, it is best to check in right at the beginning and leave your phone there the whole time. This means that you won’t be able to play on your phone during the show and it may drain your battery. Try to charge it while you watch the show.
Are you wondering how much you will earn? Usually, 18 points equals one cent. That means it takes about 30 hours to earn a dollar. That is not much at all. Sometimes Viggle has special promotions, but it is safe to say you will not be earning a big pay check. However, the average American watches over 300 hours of TV per week. Even if you are not sitting down to stare at the TV and just have it on in the background of whatever else you may be doing, you may as well earn a couple cents for it.

You may decide that Viggle is not worth your time. It is one of the most brainless ways to make money, but it is not the most cost effective in terms of time. But if you are looking for a way to earn a Starbucks coffee for free or a couple extra songs on iTunes by pressing some buttons when you watch a show you regularly turn on, this may be worth checking out.

The truly amazing part of all this is that it works. Technology has found a way to bring the advertiser analysts into your living room without being obtrusive. To top it off, you even earn a few pennies for your slight dedication to the cause. This is all because you have a phone or other electronic device that can “hear” the television while you watch it. It is only a matter of time before this becomes the antique way of doing advertisement research.

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