2 Smartphone Apps That Make Doing Chores Fun

Did you know that doing chores recently got more fun to do the past couple years? Thanks to these two smartphone apps, kids and adults can now get their lives back on track by taking care of a virtual pet as they complete their chores throughout the day. 

The Benefits of These Smartphone Apps 

Trying to start a chore for a person of any age can come with a huge mind block. What if the task is really overwhelming with a lot to do? If so, turning the chore into a fun game with these apps can make it more manageable to get through the tasks. 

These chore apps can help you learn how to split up a huge task into micro-tasks. For example, you can split up doing laundry into these tasks:

  • Separate the clothes by person.
  • Fold the clothes (or put the clothes on hangers)
  • Put the clothes away. 

Be sure that once you are done all your chores for the day that you reward yourself somehow. Eat a favorite dessert, play your favorite betting game on casino777, binge a few episodes of a loved television show, or whatever else you’d like to do to relax and unwind. 

Finch: Self Care Pet

The Finch: Self Care Pet app is primarily for people who are experiencing various mental health roadblocks like anxiety or depression. Some suggested pre-generated tasks are getting out of bed, stepping out of the home, and just surviving the day. Even if your mental health is a-ok, you can do this as a fun way to stay on top of your chores. 

Kids and adults alike can enjoy taking care of a customizable pet Finch. Set your own goals to complete for the day or select goals to add to your list from what the app provides. The more tasks that you complete and the more in-depth your written reflections after each task, the more energy you generate for the finch to go on more adventures and learn about the world around them. As your finch grows up, you can interact with it when it has questions or concerns. How you answer the finch when you choose a response will influence how it continues to grow. 

You can set the same tasks for specific days of the week such as doing laundry on Tuesday and Thursday or checking your post office box (if applicable) on Monday and Friday. Set a weekly task such as grocery shopping or deep cleaning the bathroom. You can set daily tasks like doing dishes, sweeping, straightening the living room, and etcetera. There’s also the option of a one-day task such as running a specific time-sensitive errand. 


Joon is almost like the Finch app except the virtual pet is usually a dragon. You will need an Apple device to set up the account, but you can download the game on an Android device and connect to that account once it’s been created. 

This app is geared more towards kids where parents can assign chores to do around home and as the child completes them, it will assist in caring for their virtual pet. While any child will enjoy this app that makes chores more fun, special education specialists, child psychologists, and other commanding professionals in the space recommend Joon mainly for children with special conditions like ODD, ADHD, ASD, and the like. 

The platform reports that about 90% of the children playing the game complete all of their assigned tasks for the day. As your child completes each task, you can quality check them to be sure they were done right before you approve that they were completed. As they complete more chores, they will earn coins in the game to have your virtual pet eat and decorate their living space. Plus, your child will earn experience points that will help the virtual pet to level up. 


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