How To Quickly Upload Photos To Facebook Using Drag And Drop Option

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Its good news for facebook addicts/users .Only few days back,we published a tutorial on how you can easilyupload photos to facebook  from the webby just pasting the url of the photo.

This tutorial is yet another important Facebook tip you need to know.Its a tutorial on how to upload photos to Facebook  from your personal computer using the drag and drop option.Its a new and easy way of upload photos to Facebook which was only recently updated by Facebook.

With this new method,you do not need to lengthy and strenuous steps before you can share those photos with family and friends.

How To Upload Photos To Facebook Using Drag and Drop

Uploading photos to Facebook is now as simple as ABCD,all you need do is type your status upadate if you wish,locate/open you photo folder on your PC ,then drag and drop your photo into your status upadate box.Its as simple as that.
This method   allows users to attach multiple photos to a post without having to go through the process of creating a photo album, which previously wasn’t possible from desktop.
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  1. Want to upload pics in different albums,
    Want to create new album and upload pics in it
    A single tap and all done.

    try “DropPics Free” for windows 8

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