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Tiger nuts have long been recognized for their health benefits as they have a high content of soluble glucose and oleic acid, along with high energy content (starch, fats, sugars and proteins), they are rich in minerals such as phosphorous and potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron necessary

Here are the Benefits of Tiger Nuts

1. The wonderful tuber nut is high in fibre.
2. Help to control blood pressure
3. Good source of Potassium than banana
4. Good source of Magnesium
5. Good source of Calcium for bone health
6. Help to regulate Blood sugar level
7. Enhance healthy blood circulation
8. Contain high amount of Vitamin E
9. Help prevent Cancer.
10.Help to prevent cardiovascular disease thus helping the Heart.
11. Help to fight malnutrition.
12. Help in weight loss due to its high fibre contents.
13. Contain high amounts of Protein
14. The fat content is the good/healthy fats needed in the body
15. They can be used as a substitute to Cow milk.

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