10 Sustainable Changes That You Should Bring Into Your Homes

Living an environment-friendly lifestyle will impact your surroundings positively. The environment needs us and taking efforts to safeguard it will go a long way in saving the planet. This starts with making changes in your life at individual levels. Introducing simple sustainable changes in your home might seem insignificant currently but it is transformational in the long term. When you create a sustainable house, you make it a safe space for yourself, your family, and most importantly the environment. Here are simple changes that you must bring to your house to make it sustainable.

Use Organic Cleaning Products– It is not wise to use chemical-based products to clean your house. These products are harmful to you and nature too. Go for organic house cleaning products to make your home a toxin-free space. Organic products are made from ingredients derived from nature using them doesn’t pollute the environment. Additionally, these are available in a wide range and at affordable rates.

Switch to Renewable Energy Depleting resources to produce energy will make us devoid of them in a few years. It is best to switch to renewable energy such as solar energy. Install solar panels in your house and invest in buying electric vehicles instead of vehicles that require fuel. Once you switch to renewable sources of energy don’t use them heedlessly, make sure you conserve energy.

Make Household Cleaners and Cosmetics- It is not a daunting task to make cleaning products like floor cleaner liquid, dishwashing liquid, and cosmetics like shampoo, deodorants, etc. by yourself. This will help you to eliminate harmful chemicals that are used to make these products perform commercially well. Making such products by yourself will also help you to save a lot of money.

Eliminate Plastic Usage- Look around your house and you’ll find various plastic products that can be easily replaced with sustainable options. An array of products like containers, straws, bottles, tiffin boxes, etc. are available in the market made with eco-friendly materials. If you already have plastic products at home make sure you reuse them instead of throwing them.

Incorporate a Home Garden To create a green space you must have a garden at your home. It does not matter whether your garden is big or small, an ideal garden will help you to compost your waste, provide fresh air, and numerous other benefits. Having lots of plants can also help you to eliminate harmful toxins present in your surroundings.

Save Water The most basic sustainable change you must bring to your home is conserving water. Check for leaking taps or pipes, repurpose water used for washing fruits to water your plants or to mop the floor, etc. Install a water-conserving system such as rainwater harvesting at your home. Most importantly do leave the taps open while brushing your teeth and use a bucket instead of a shower for bathing.

Donate Your Belonging Don’t Throw Them– Once you are tired of wearing that same t-shirt think or reading that book, think of donating it to someone in need instead of just throwing them away. Similarly, buy used items, for instance, go thrift shopping.

Manage The Waste Once you learn how to manage your waste you are already contributing towards environment conservation. Use a compost pit for your food leftovers, you can also make manure using food waste. Additionally, make sure you segregate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Waste management is one of the important factors when it comes to building a sustainable home so make sure you learn this skill.

Don’t Use Toxic Pesticides and Repellents It can be a difficult job to make your home mosquito and repellent free. However, this doesn’t mean you should use chemical pesticides and repellents. Instead, use organic repellents and pesticides that do not harm the environment and your health. Added to that, a clean home won’t attract pests and insects.

Educate Yourself and Others Lastly, creating a sustainable home require self-education. Know how nature works to save it. Be aware of how various products used in your day-to-day life impact your surroundings. Once, you are educated enough do not forget to spread awareness so that we all can collectively reap the benefits of living a sustainable life.



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  1. Thank youy for talking about sustainability – we can never emphasize enopugh on this topic. Awesome tips! And yes – you can start by using water wisely!

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