How To Activate And Deactivate Mtn Nigeria End Of Call Notification

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Recently,the Nigeria communication commission mandated all service providers in Nigeria to always alert customers of their available call balance before and after making calls and sending of sms.If you are a prepaid subscriber, the End of Call Notification informs you of your remaining balance after each voice or SMS transaction via SMS.

This end of call notification is activated by default,but can be deactivated and reactivated at customers will.So if you are one of those  numerous MTN subscribers who feel offended or don’t find the end of call notification friend and therefore wish to end the end of call notification,then this post is for you.To get the MTN end of call notification activated, just read the next line of this post

How To Activate MTN End Of Call Notification

As i said earlier,then end of call notification is active by default,if however your is not active,simply text EOCN ON to 131,you will get a response that YOUR ACTIVITIES NOTIFICATION HAS BEEN ACTIVATED.

How To Disable Mtn Nigeria End of Call Notification

To get the Mtn Nigeria end of call notification deactivated ,simply text the word  EOCN  OFF to 131

Thats all

I hope it helps

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13 Replies to “How To Activate And Deactivate Mtn Nigeria End Of Call Notification”

  1. yusuf Garba

    thanks bro bt av done dat and i av received a response dat i av been activated successfully bt up till nw am nt receiving


      Hey Gab,for your info,you wont receive a text message to your inbox to that effect,what u will see is a display after you end a call with the last call info

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