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The first time i saw myself on Facebook confirming friends and sending friends request was fun and somehow  obligatory part of the experience to me . Login, look over a profile picture and then started accepting nearly everyone that came my way. But months later ,you start having  a second thought on why you accepted some friends request probably because your list of friends is getting too much or most likely they don’t have any impact been your Facebook friends. Then you start having the thought of deleting some of your Facebook friends from your friends list

Some think deleting friends on Facebook is difficult or even impossible; the truth is it’s very possible and as easy as anything else. Here is a quick guide on how to delete your Facebook friend

Login to your Facebook account

search for the friend you wish to unfriend and go to the persons profile/timeline

hover over the friends box close to the message box at the right hand corner of the persons profile

From the drop down select unfriend

A message box pops up prompting you to confirm your request

Confirm your request

To  prevent your deleted friend from seeing your profile again then you have to add the deleted friend to your blocked list .See my previous post on how to block  Facebook friends

That’s all

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