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Top 10 Foods that make your butt bigger Naturally

Are you tired of watching those fitness influencers telling you that you can get a heavier booty – just by squatting correctly? Well, as good as they might be, if exercise is not your cup of tea and you are not looking for implants – you can look for specific types of foods that make your butt bigger! Are you surprised? Yes! It is possible. For those who are aiming for bigger buttocks, you need to change your diet and micromanage your nutrition base.  

Need some help doing that? You are on the right page! This comprehensive post will give you a listicle of foods that will help perk your backside and also a look into some key points about that bigger booty you are not aware of. Let us give you the details – 

Which are the foods that make your butt bigger? 

Here is a list of foods that you can pick for growing a bigger booty – 

Chia seeds 

They might be tiny in size but are packed with a host of antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and fiber content. 

Chia seeds

Additionally, their antioxidant levels are also worth noting, that help in enhancing your glute muscles and give you a bigger butt with time. 


This superfood has been recently making waves, all thanks to its high protein content! Along with protein, this is also packed with 9 essential amino acids, which are imperative to building up your muscle mass. 

For those who are unaware, after resistance training, your body requires complex carbs that facilitate both – glycogen storage and protein boost. Quinoa provides the fodder for ensuring your hamstring and glute muscles can properly recover with time. 


For those wishing to build up their body, especially their glute muscles, protein is a must-have. What’s better than eggs? High in protein content, this also has nutrients like – phosphorus, selenium, and Vitamin B12, all of which combine to reduce muscle protein breakdown and even boost muscle synthesis. All of this adds to enhancing your butt size. 


The vegan’s favorite food – avocados are one of those foods that make your butt bigger! This powerhouse of nutrients is packed with healthy fats, protein, fiber, potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

 Along with these nutrients, avocado also has zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, and lutein – all of which are extremely crucial to help heal muscles and reduce inflammation.


As you are already aware, beans, lentils, peanuts, and peas all belong to this legume family. Having protein and micronutrients (magnesium), this food ensures proper muscle synthesis and improves the growth of glute muscles. A cup of legumes every day, irrespective of the other food choices, can push up the development of your butt! 

Protein shakes

You perhaps already knew about this ingredient, didn’t you? Have it as an after-workout drink, and you will see how this concoction of protein, fruits, and veggies helps in the recovery of your muscles much faster than any other post-exercise diet. In the long run, this increases your butt size as well! 

Cottage cheese

Looking for something yummy as you build your butt? Cottage cheese is the answer to that! One of the foods that make your butt bigger – 100 grams of cottage cheese contains 11 grams of protein, along with calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B12, and riboflavin. What’s more? The casein content in it boosts muscle synthesis, which is the key to having a bigger butt.

Brown rice 

Contrary to white rice’s nutritional value, brown rice has a healthy mix of complex carbs and protein. In fact, its benefits begin right from its outer cover – the bran, which is packed with dietary fibers that are essential for that round butt you are looking for. Added to that, it is enriched with branched-chain amino acids that promote hormone synthesis and enhance the metabolism levels in the body. Hence, in the long run, this reduces muscle soreness and inhibits the loss of muscle mass – thereby enhancing your butt. 


If you are looking for foods that make your butt bigger within the domains of fish, then salmon is your immediate choice! It is packed with a variety of booty-building ingredients like protein and Omega-3. Given that Omega 3 reduces inflammation and thereby helps in muscle recovery at the earliest, the amount of muscle loss is minimal in this case. Hence, consuming salmon for a significant period can lend you a strong and perky booty. 


Though last on this list, assuredly, they are one of the most nutritious vegetables that will help you with shaping your buttocks. Packed with potassium, calcium, and protein – these have both muscle-building capacity and anti-inflammatory properties. In the long run, they prevent the usual age-related muscular decay since the tomatidine content improves muscle strength and enhances muscle hypertrophy. 

A piece of quick info  

Now that you have the list of foods that make your butt bigger, you might have a query regarding – the choice of foods. Why is it that amongst a host of foods, these are the only ones picked? Well, let us brief out the reasons before you – 

Getting back to the basics – to increase the mass of your buttock’s lean muscles, you must opt for foods that are ‘rich’ in starch and higher in ‘calorie’ content. Therefore, to enhance your backside, you will require a combination of a ‘protein-rich diet’ that assists in amplifying lean muscle mass and a range of various ‘high-calorie foods’ that help in adding that layer of ‘healthy fat.’ 

The precise combo of these specific ingredients – from a healthy range of fats to protein to complex carbs and fiber – creates the nutritious, dense meal you have been looking for to shape your buttocks. 

Concluding thoughts 

From chia seeds to quinoa to eggs, it is the right mix of proteins and complex carbs that makes your butt bigger. Surely, the correct set of workouts is also crucial for the same, but you may ditch it for some time. Also, you do not need to pick out all of the foods that make your butt bigger mentioned in this listicle. Choose a handful of them and correctly combine them. After a fortnight, you can pick another set of foods and combine them. You will, with time, notice how these foods affect the glute muscles, and you gain a bigger booty than before. If you liked this article and want to know more about such fitness topics, keep following this website! 

Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1: Can eating certain foods make your butt bigger?

Ans:Yes, eating positive meals can help you enhance the dimensions and shape of your buttocks, however it is essential to do so in a healthful and balanced manner.

Q2:  What types of foods can contribute to a bigger butt?

Ans: Foods wealthy in proteins, healthful fat, and carbohydrates, along with lean meats, fish, avocados, and sweet potatoes, can guide muscle growth and standard body composition, which include the buttocks.

Q3: Are there specific exercises to complement a diet for a bigger butt?

 Ans: Yes, power-schooling sporting activities like squats, lunges, and deadlifts can assist construct and tone the muscular tissues on your glutes, improving the advent of a bigger butt while blended with the proper vitamins.

Q4: How long does it take to see noticeable results in butt size through diet and exercise?

Ans: The time required to see sizable changes varies from individual to person, but with a consistent weight loss plan and workout recurring, you may begin to see enhancements in some weeks to three months.

Q5: Are there any side effects or risks associated with trying to make your butt bigger through diet and exercise?

Ans: When done in a balanced and healthful manner, trying to beautify your butt through weight loss plan and exercising generally does no longer pose giant risks or aspect effects. However, it’s critical to keep away from intense diets or dietary supplements and seek advice from a healthcare professional for personalised steering.



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