The Simming Prize Continues to Honor the Best of the Community

Because they immerse players in varied immersive circumstances, role-playing games (RPGs) and simulations (SIMs) are among the most engrossing genres of games. Participants’ quest outcomes are determined by how they respond to events and 1d difficulties. They may also learn from their errors and gain more experience playing more games. This form of the game logic is currently being merged with various technologies to aid healthcare practitioners and patients by assisting them in having more meaningful talks that might save their lives.
The Simming Reward is the oldest and longest-running online role-playing prize. It has a lengthy history, and the people who get it represent the finest of simming and online role-playing. We search for the finest each year and those who have given more than just a “verse.”
Because the prize procedure has shifted from Chas Hammer to the trustees’ system, this is the SimPrize Committee’s first year managing the award. It has been a learning experience for all of us participating. We appreciate your patience as both the nomination and judging processes were exceptionally delayed this year due to the shift. We’re taking what we’ve learned and applying it to the forthcoming 2014 prize cycle, including a more detailed rule set that will be released to the public in the coming months.
We had a lot of great submissions this year, so picking select five awards was difficult. After vigorous discussion and a fair voting procedure, our judges chose the winners from an exceptionally wide and deserving pool of candidates.
The Simming Prize – our ideals, organizational structure, and the complexities of assessing, judging, and eventually picking our laureates – are all detailed here.
The Simming Prize aspires to be the Nobel Prize for Simming (play-by-post online role-playing community). They’ve never been so grand in reality, but it’s a goal for us to aspire towards.
Individuals, sims, clubs, organizations, or other entities that demonstrate (1) service, quality, and devotion within the simming and play-by-post role-playing community; or (2) pioneer new technology or approaches within the community will be given up to five Simming Prizes each year. The Prizes can be given to commemorate a major one-time achievement or long-term contributions.
The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis is the official name of the Simming Prize.
The Simming Prize is named after Seth Cotis, the founder of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance and a long-time Simming League leader.
In 1999, the Simming League founded the Simming Prize. Simming Prizes, modelled after the Nobel Prize, were first given out in five categories: Internet Technology, Literature, Management, Peace, and Service. These categories were eliminated in 2007, and the Simming Prize has been awarded without a category since then. Following Seth Cotis’ death in 2005, the Simming League requested that a Seth Cotis Medal of Honor be established in his honour. The Simming Prize, which had already been founded, was renamed in his honor.
Following the demise of the Simming League, the Simming Prize was handed over to Ongoing Worlds in 2011 and SimEnc in 2012 and 2013. A committee of trustees was appointed to oversee the Simming Prize in 2014. The Simming Prize is now awarded in the trustees’ name and is no longer linked to a bigger organization.
Individuals and organizations who have received a Simming Prize can use the honorific Simming Prize Laureate. The Simming Prize website includes a list of laureates.
Any entity, person, or group from the simming community can be nominated. Individual sims/games, whole clubs, individuals, events, sub-components of an organization, websites, leaders, simmers, assistants, hosts, web support, and so on can all be nominated. Over the years, we’ve probably had every part of our community nominated, and we’ve given out awards to all kinds of individuals and things.
Trustees should make every effort to ensure that the trustees, employees, and judges represent the variety and breadth of the simming community. To minimize fatigue and ensure a continuous influx of fresh employees, trustees should promote periodic turnover of trustees, staff, and judges. Trustees should dismiss any trustees, personnel, or judges who fail to perform their responsibilities or betray the Simming Prize’s trust.
Simming and online role-playing, often known as creative writing or role play-by-post, became a popular activity in the 1990s. The Internet was new, and Star Trek was in its prime: two major television series (Deep Space Nine and Voyager) were developing, and movies were being made regularly. (The Next Generation films).
What function does simming play in relation to other types of role-playing? That is a difficult question to answer. Simming was originally popularised by those who had previously participated in tabletop role play or created their fan fiction. Cosplay is becoming incredibly popular, to the point that it may be termed mainstream. All four kinds are essentially representations of the same thing: adopting the persona of a beloved franchise character and living it out.
Our objective is to recognize the vital individual in your business, the one-of-a-kind event or product in our community, or the game or club that has produced incredible results for years. Please take the time to nominate someone or anything that fulfills these criteria if you know of someone who does. Thanks to your submissions, we only learn about the truly exceptional people and creations in our shared gaming community.
In contrast to the other three, cosplay often involves a genuine character from the franchise. Characters from real life and made-up characters are common in tabletop and fan fiction. Simming is unusual in that the players generate virtually all of the characters. Starship names from genuine Trek movies or television series are also unusual.
What does the future hold for simming? Who knows what will happen! It’s a craft that’s been developing for over three decades. It continues to enthral both old and new players. Perhaps you should give it a go!


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