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How to Fix Bow Legs Without Surgery

A condition in which the knees stay apart even when standing with feet and ankles together, also known as bowlegs.

Bowlegs that do not straighten as your child begins to walk may be caused by more serious problems such as: Rickets, a bone growth problem caused by lack of vitamin D or calcium. Blount’s disease, a bone growth disorder in the shinbone (tibia)

Here Is How to Fix Bow Legs Without Surgery

But before you can start exercising to correct your bow legs you need to understand some essential facts.

  • Prepare and eat bone Broth. This is an ancient remedy for weak bones. Apart from the strengthening the bones it also increases immunity.
  • Eat a healthy diet especially high in Vitamin D. This helps to strengthen your bones. Eat moderate cholesterol meals and get in the sun. The sun helps cholesterol’s conversion in Vitamin D.
  • You will have to be consistent with your exercise. You won’t get any result with the occasional exercise routine. Commit to exercise with a fixed time and schedule. No matter what, never quit exercising even for a single day.
  • It takes time to correct your bow legs with exercise. There is no specific timeline. No one knows how long it will take to fix your bow legs. Usually, it will take at least a month to see minute results. Bow leg correction is a correction of your bone. And it takes time for your bone to straighten.


Place a nice thick rolled towel in between your knees. Stand straight with your arms raised over your head. Now gently bend forward, without bending your legs and try touching your toes.

The idea is not to touch your toes but to go as low as possible without bending your knees.

Now slowly bring your arms to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

This exercise helps to brings your knees together.


Stand straight on a flat surface. Now try bringing your two toes together so that they touch each other.

Choose a width according to your comfort level. Just ensure that both your toes are touching each other.

Now try to squat.

Again the idea over here is not to squat but to engage the back muscles of your thighs. In this exercise you will be unable to squat completely. it is a bit hard. But remember you only have to go as low as you can. An ensure that your thighs back muscle in engaging in this exercise.


Lay on your side. Ensure that your legs are over one another. Now slowly bend your legs from the knee and bring them behind you so that they are at ninety degrees to your body.

This is your position for this exercise.

Now gently lift the top leg from the foot keeping the knees fixed (the knees must be touching each other). Lift the foot as high as possible. Bring it down. Do this ten times and change sides.

This is an effective exercise in fixing your bow legs without surgery.


Lay on your back and bring your foot up so that the knees are looking at the ceiling.

Now put the right leg over your left knee. Using your hands now firmly grasp your left leg. Hold on to this position for 30 seconds.

Do the same for the other leg.


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