Learning More about the Gap between Addiction and Recovery

Most people who get caught in drug and alcohol abuse often don’t realize that they’re actually getting addicted. What usually starts off as an innocuous vice evolves into a strong addiction, and they eventually lose control over their use and it becomes an insatiable craving.

Alcohol and drug addiction alters the functionality of the brain and disrupts the way it registers pleasure and also influences other drives such as motivation and learning. Despite the adverse consequences of substance abuse, it can be very challenging to break addiction and completely recover from it. 

Here is what you need to know about how to overcome addiction and how a recovery center can be of help.

Understanding the Causes of Addiction

Intoxicating substances such as alcohol and drugs trigger the production of dopamine in some parts of the brain. When dopamine is produced in large amounts it triggers an elated feeling that motivates a person to keep using the same substances over and over again.

Addiction happens when taking alcohol or drugs takes over and increases a person’s urge to consume more of the intoxicating substance so as to have that “feel good” feeling or effect. When this trigger takes over the brain, it alters how a person feels or reacts towards other “feel good” activities such as consuming delicious or comfort food, being with family or friends or exercising.

But that’s just the science behind this. There are plenty of environmental and socio-economic factors that can lead to addiction. Underlying factors such as anxiety, PTSD, depression brought about by negative experiences can contribute to a substance abuse disorder, which will be even harder to recover from.

How to Recover From Substance Abuse

Alcohol addiction negatively affects a person’s social life, career, relationship, and health. In some cases, addiction can be fatal. When one starts showing the signs of addiction, it may be time to get the help they need to recover from it.

Recovery from alcohol and drug abuse needs a lot of time, effort, support, and dedication. Though one may try to put a stop to their drug use, sometimes the symptoms of withdrawal are extremely unpleasant and they will turn back to substance use to alleviate the symptoms.  

The first step towards recovery is acknowledging the problem and that you need help. But this is a decision that one has to make on their own. When you decide to get help to recover from addiction, you can visit a recovery center and enroll in a professional alcohol and drug treatment program. 

Recovery is a lifelong process that happens in several stages. Though the specifics of every addiction story are different, the program and road to recovery work for everyone regardless of how long they have been addicted, the triggers, or the underlying factors.  

A Recovery Center Can Help You Through It

If you or a loved one needs help to overcome drug or alcohol abuse, it may be best to consider getting professional help. Recovery in a treatment center will give them the support, the right environment, and a holistic treatment program that will help you recover from substance abuse and stay clean.


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