Technology has come a long way from the time when artificial intelligence (AI) was reserved for works of fiction. Now, AI is not only being extensively researched and developed, but you can also learn about it through artificial intelligence courses. The education sector is benefitting from a number of AI applications that are changing how most schools and other educational institutions operate. AI is the next big thing in the technological field, and a lot of developers are now coming up with new applications with optimized features that can augment the user experience. If you’re curious about what AI can do for you, here is a list of the top 7 AI apps for Android and iOS that can make your life simpler.

  • Knowmail:

 For those who find it difficult to sift through the barrage of everyday emails in their inbox, Knowmail’s AI-powered algorithms can make your job easier. Knowmail works on a learning algorithm that observes your behavior, preferences, and email communication habits to present you with the most urgent emails that need immediate action. A must-have app for people who are too busy to spend hours in sorting their mail inbox, Knowmail is available for free on both Android and iOS.

  • EasilyDo:

Have you ever fancied an assistant who could take care of mundane things? If the answer to that question is yes, then EasilyDo is the solution to your need. Recommended on NBC’s Today Show by Randi Zuckerberg, this award-winning app acts as a virtual assistant that helps you in managing your to-do lists, contacts, and calendar by syncing with your Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Evernote. Still not convinced? With AI algorithms that observe user preferences and interactions, EasilyDo creates a digital board of all your tasks. EasyDo goes a step ahead and gives you weather forecasts and checks the traffic before you need to step out for an errand or a meeting, sets a reminder for bills to be paid, identifies emails that need to be responded to, and also adds flights to your calendar while notifying you of delays and cancellations. This app also creates a digital boarding pass when it detects an online check-in confirmation mail in the EasyDo feed. Available on iOS and Android, while most of the features of EasilyDo are free, the access to full range of its extensive features start at $5 a month.

  • ELSA Speak: 

For non-English speakers, learning the language has never been easy. English Learning Speech Assistant, or ELSA Speak, is an English language learning app that allows its users to learn the English language without the need of spending money on formal classes and training. This app comes powered with an AI pronunciation tutor that helps its users with over 2,000 popular English words. Sporting over 800,000 downloads, ELSA has been known to improve pronunciation score by 40% in 4 weeks. ELSA comes with different curriculum options that can be opted for based on user preferences. It also gives feedback on how the user can enunciate their words in case of mispronunciation. Users can track their progress and can practice difficult words that they’ve faced problems with before. ELSA is available free of cost on both iOS and Android.

  • Google Allo:

This AI-powered messaging app does more than helping you look cool with its texting services. Google Allo allows you to perform actions using voice commands and offers a wide variety of features like helping you find nearby restaurants, share videos with friends, answering questions, adding events to the calendar, finding videos, etc. Its most distinctive feature is Smart Reply that learns user behavior and suggests responses to texts and photos, in their very own texting style. This voice to text app also offers standard image editing features that allow users to get creative with doodles. Google Allo also offers certain chat features like end-to-end encryption, private notifications for discretion, and control over how long messages stick around for expiring chats.

  • Socratic:

A popular AI app sporting more than a million installations, Socratic is a virtual homework helper for Math and subjects like English Grammar, History, Economics, Chemistry, and Biology. This nifty app gives answers to math equations, and if you take a picture of a math problem, it will tell you how to solve it as well. Socratic uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the homework problems and then responds with explanations along with videos giving step-by-step solutions. The app’s AI uses computer vision technology which reads questions from images and then uses machine learning algorithms to classify questions based on a sample data of homework questions.

  • Recent News:

 For those too busy to sift through the multitude of articles on their morning commute, Recent News is a news aggregation app which studies user’s reading habits to provide customized news and articles. This app uses AI to go a step ahead by suggesting users relevant articles and topics that they could follow based on their interests. The app also syncs your account with multiple devices and allows you to bookmark articles on your smartphone so that you can view them later on other devices. With an average rating of 4.2 on the App Store, Recent News also comes with a distinctive battery saver feature for reduced battery use and also preserves your phone’s battery by not doing any background activity. 

  • Microsoft Pix:

 Microsoft Pix is a one of its kind photo editing app that allows you to click high-quality photos with your smartphone. It captures ten frames with each click after which its unique AI algorithm picks the three best shots and deletes the rest. The ‘smart settings’ feature automatically checks scene and lighting between each shutter tap while also updating settings between each shot. It also customizes capture settings on its own when it detects a face in the shot to help you look your best. The AI in this app is tantamount to having your photos clicked by a professional photographer! So now you know what to do the next time you struggle with taking the perfect selfie for your Instagram feed.

It is evident that artificial intelligence is not reserved for the future, but is now a story of the present. With all the benefits that artificial intelligence based app have to offer, which ones are you going to get?

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