The Universal Robots line of industrial robots allows man and machine to work in the same environment without any of the two interfering with the others work. The collaborative robots work together without any possibilities of injuries or work redundancy. Universal Robots is a leader when it comes to a wide selection of industrial robots with the robots used mainly in machine tending, drilling, painting, packing, deburring, bin picking, assembly lines, material handling, loading, offloading, brake tending and dozens of more jobs. The robots are neat, fast and safe making them some of the most sought-after robots by many industries from all over the world.

What are the benefits of using industrial robots from Universal Robots?

·         Edge over Competition

By using the industrial robots from Universal Robots, you give your business an edge over competition with other industries. Considering that almost every company is now embracing technology, you need tools that will make you be on the same level or be better than the rest. Using industrial robots will set you apart.

·         Good quality products

Majority of the companies that use industrial robots are very dynamic and they rapidly change with the moving trends. To keep up with the tremendous changes, the industries need up to date automation for innovation. Universal Robots offers robotic arms with the trendiest technology that will optimise all the industries returns on their investment.

·         Top performance

Universal Robots offer industrial robots that give top performance in limited spaces. They can handle different tasks at a go without making any faults. They are agile, dynamic, compact and very cost effective. Whereas it would require a larger space for let’s say vehicle assembling if you are using humans, you would need a third of that space if you use industrial robots.

·         Cuts down on costs

Space is not the only area where industrial robots cut costs. There is a lot that goes into running a manufacturing firm. Things like overheads, running costs, production costs, marketing and many more. When you have industrial robots to take over the work, labour costs go down. There will be no need to hire more staff as the extra work and most of the work previously carried out by the humans can go over to the robots. This does not necessary mean laying out the staff members. They can be delegated to other lighter duties and leave the harder ones for the robots.

With the use of industrial robots, there is likely to be less downtime which costs manufacturers a lot of costs. Robots work 24/7 so there will not be unnecessary leaves as experienced by humans. Robots can work on more items in a day as compared to how much humans can do.

Other costs that go down are maintenance costs. Robots require very minimal maintenance requirements, unlike other machines. They rarely break down which saves companies money for maintenance.

·         Safety

To begin with, Universal Robots has some of the safest industrial robots in the market. They are safe to work alongside humans without any harm coming onto any of them. They can handle flying objects, burns, fumes and suffer no injuries. They also make good use of the spaces provided without causing any accidents at the workplace.

·         Increased returns on investments (ROI)

Any industry that wants to boost their production output, using industrial robots from Universal Robots will help them do so. Because the robots give better quality and very efficient products, the rejects become fewer and production stabilizes for longer periods. This offers the businesses maximum returns on investments.

·         Diversity

Industrial robots are very diverse and can perform different tasks. One robot can perform as many as five tasks. It can carry out unloading, loading, packaging labeling and so on. In the car manufacturing industries, one robot can polish, paint, load, unload, and carry out different handling activities. They are very responsible and carry out all the tasks with minimal human intervention or supervision.


If you are looking for the best industrial robots that need no safety fencing, that is comprehensively safe and that can carry out their tasks responsively, then you must get the industrial robots from Universal Robots. Find out how robot-human collaboration works in the industrial manufacturing with the trendiest robots in the market.

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