When it comes to traveling, you may be looking to simply get off the grid and escape from the world for a while. But don’t underestimate the usefulness of certain tech services and products that’ll make your trip a whole lot easier – here are just five of them to consider.

 Google Maps

 There’s simply no way you can travel effectively without Google Maps in your pocket. It’s one of the most popular apps in the world, and for good reason – with coverage of almost every location possible, as well as features that allow you to find directions to local sites, supermarkets, restaurants and much more, it’s the perfect travel companion.

Best of all, the app is completely free, meaning you’ll save yourself from having to purchase those lengthy, confusing guides at the airport before you fly. Regardless of how remote your location may be, you’ll be surprised at just how accurate and helpful Google Maps can be whilst you travel. You can even save maps to use offline should you head off the beaten track, Condé Nast Traveler says.

 A local SIM card

 Want to stay in touch with family and friends whilst you travel? Purchasing a local SIM card for each destination you travel will save you a staggering amount of money as opposed to roaming – and with a combined 75% of people using phone calls and/or SMS messaging to contact those back home when they travel, as echoed by Ding, it’s definitely a worthy option.

Although the process of purchasing a SIM card is different in almost every country, it’ll be easy enough to do – and your wallet will thank you for it in the long run, especially if you’re someone who cannot be without their phone.

 Fitness Trackers

 You might be surprised at just how much exercise you’ll be inadvertently doing whilst you travel. With the amount of walking and traversing different countries you’ll be doing, it’s certainly worth investing in a fitness tracker to see just how much traveling has changed your body.

Be mindful of your diet and calorie intake – as well as how much water you’re drinking – and, combined with the exercise, you’ll find that your body will thank you for it. A fitness tracker will provide evidence of the results, effectively spurring you into continuing to work hard at your health.

 Bluetooth headphones

For those long journeys and tiring trips from A to B, you’ll probably need a soundtrack to keep you occupied and entertained. Bluetooth headphones are a great investment for an easy, wireless and quick way to fill your ears with music wherever you are, whether it be upon a plane or catch a bus to the next incredible destination.

They’re actually not as costly as you may be anticipating, either. With decent pairs of Bluetooth headphones retailing at £30 and less, you won’t have to splash out too much money to keep you occupied.

Power banks

 Don’t run the risk of being stranded without any power. Power banks are almost a necessity when it comes to traveling, especially when you’re away from any hotels or main power outlets and a dwindling battery on your devices. Whether it be for your phone, camera, laptop or any other gadget you’ve got, power banks will always be around to save the day should you need it.

Do you have any more recommendations for any tech a traveler should know about? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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