Eva bra comes equipped with biosensors to detect early signs of cancer

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18 years old Mexican Student Julian Rios Cantu and his Company Higia Tech has developed a Bra  that they claim can  aid early breast cancer detection .This innovation has earned Him and his Team of three friends a top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, which were handed out in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Eva bra which the user is expected to put on for just an hour in a week is stuffed with bio-sensors which can detect signs of breast cancer even at the very onset.

The 200 biosensors of which the Eva bra is made measures and analyse the surface of the breast including its color, temperature and texture and alert the bra wearer via an app or a central computer if there are changes within the breast that calls for concern and finally information gathered are further processed by artificial intelligence.

The Eva bra is however still under development, by you can stay updated on the product by  joining the Higia Tech  newsletter  list.

Julian Rios Cantu’s mom had a double mastectomy when he was just 13, Julian Rios Cantu wanted to help other women combat breast cancer and that gave Him and His team the inspiration to work on combating Breast cancer .

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