Intex Tecnologies has announced quite a handful of Smartphones in the recent past ,now , the company seems to have renege on its phone release with the recent addition of two TVs  dubbed Intex LED-5800 55 FHD TV and  Intex LED-6500 65-inch Full HD TVs  to its array of products .

Sporting a  58-inch and 65-inch FND display respectively ,both Intex LED-5800 55 FHD TV and  Intex LED-6500 65-inch Full HD TVs  comes with digital video processing technology (DNR)that aids random noise reduction, as well as ensuring  more detailed and realistic viewing. 

Both TVs also boasts of fast response time that promise crystal clear images ensuring clarity and an immersive experience.

Other specs includes a 10Wx2 sound output,  dynamic contrast ratio with wide range of connectivity ports .

You can see a thorough  specs run down of both TVs below.

Specifications LED-5800 FHD TV LED-6500 FHD TV
Panel size 58 inch 64 inch
Response Time (ms) 9.5 5.5
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio Dynamic
Power Consumption 160 W
Speaker output 10Wx2
Sound Technology Digital Noise Reduction


The Intex LED-5800 55-inch TV is available at all  India leading retail stores, leading e-commerce including Flipkart  for Rs. 74,999 ,while the LED-6500 65-inch TV goes for Rs. 99,990.

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