Infinix Note 3 with 4,500mAh Battery, Multi-function Fingerprint Scanner launched in Nigeria

Infinix Mobility has launched the Infinix Note 3 officially in Nigeria. The device was launched at The Civic Center, Victoria Island, Lagos and I was there as a GadgetsNG correspondent to see and report to you what exactly is contained in the device called the Infinix Note 3.

The Infinix Note 3 launch into the Nigerian market is coming about a week after it was launched in Kenya, and previously in many other African countries. It’s also coming a week after the Infinix Hot 4 was launched, and two weeks after the Infinix Hot S was launched in Nigeria.

The Infinix Note 3 is Infinix’s device of the year so far, considering the attention paid to its launch. It is a large device, 6 inches wide with a Full HD display and large battery capacity. We got to spend some time with the device and we took a couple of shots. Enjoy.

Infinix Note 3 Hands-on Pictures

infinix note 3

The Infinix Note 3 is an elegant device that combines beauty with functionality.
infinix note 3 closeup

Seeing the device for the first time, you will have no option but to look at it again because of its elegant design.

It has on-screen navigation buttons in place of the capacitive buttons, and the bottom bezel is bare while the top bezel bears the 5MP front camera, soft flash and sensors.
infinix note 3 front

The back is slightly curved in order to fit firmly in the hands. The bezels and the back are made of metal, and you can’t help but get a premium feel while holding the device.
infinix note 3 back

At the back is the 13MP main camera, the dual LED flash beneath it, and the multi-function fingerprint scanner.
infinix note 3 fingerprint scanner & camera

When I said Multi-function fingerprint scanner, I wasn’t mistaken. The fingerprint scanner on the Infinix Note 3 can be used to unlock the device, take a selfie, and scroll through your gallery.

The cameras, both front and rear on the Infinix Note 3 are great for photography. The selfie camera was my main focus during the event. It has four exciting modes which include Beauty Mode (I’ve forgotten others 😉 ) and a 2-in-1 mode that allows you to take pictures with the front and rear cameras at the same time. Meaning you can shoot a selfie and something in front of you at once!

The power and volume buttons are at the right side of the device with the micro SD card slot, while the dual-SIM slot is at the left. The slots accept only nano SIM cards, though.

infinix note 3 side view

The Infinix Note 3 comes with the latest version of XOS running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. I used the device for some time, and even though the device was at its lightest at the moment (no apps installed or storage filled up), I noticed that the UI is very smooth and easy to navigate around, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to start lagging anytime soon.
infinix note 3-2

The device is bundled with over 250 hand-made icons for the most popular of apps, so you have a device quite unique from others. You can zoom the pictures to see what I’m talking about.

4,500mAh Battery. 5 Minutes Charge, 200 Minutes Talk

The Infinix Note 3 packs a 4,500mAh battery that comes with fast charging capabilities. It was the most touted feature of the device at the event, and the main topic of pre-advertisements and even the strictly-by-invite Invitations sent out.

Infinix claims that the Note 3 can last up to 200 minutes talk time on just a 5-minute charge, and it’s left to be seen if this is true from user experience. The company has been delivering on its promises of recent though, so you can be sure this is a true piece of information.

As we were also shown at the event, the Infinix Note 3 makes use of a special new cooling technology that ensures that the phone doesn’t heat up even after prolonged use. I discovered this to be quite true when I got my hand on one of the units, because after about three hours of continuous video playing, the Infinix Note 3 was not hot neither was it warm.

That doesn’t mean it’s not going to get hot or warm at all (it depends on how you use it), but you can be confident that it won’t heat up too quickly, and that it would cool down very quickly after heating up.

Unveiling the Infinix Noise-cancelling smart Earphones

The Infinix Note 3 was not the only device launched at V.I. yesterday. Infinix also unveiled its special noise-cancelling earphones that are capable of blocking out every external sound immediately they are fitted into the ears.

The units available at the event were limited as they were given out as prizes to winners of some competitions, and I couldn’t get shots of the earphones. They are cool though, trust me.

The noise-cancelling function was tested at the event. Some attendees were asked to put on the earphones and very loud music was blasted into their ears, but they acted as if nothing was happening. Others were asked to use their regular earphones, and they almost jumped off the stage when the music was blasted into their ears.

Apart from the special noise-cancelling earphones, another smart in-ear earphone was unveiled. It is the Infinix XE 01 Smart In-ear Headphones, and from the little time I’ve spent with it since yesterday, I just wonder how noise-cancelling the special earphones are.
infinix smart earphone pack

I mean, these ones can block your ears if you play music at the loudest volume. The earpiece is very long, as you can see in the pictures below.
infinix smart earphone bared in case
infinix smart earphone packed
infinix smart earphone length

The earphones are ergonomically designed to fit firmly into your ears. The speaker side of the earpiece is slightly curved, and the audio quality is simply awesome. I’ve not been able to stop jamming up with it since yesterday. It’s going to be available soon (if it’s not already) on Jumia.
infinix smart earphone closeup


jimsbigthing-infinix note 3 launch theme

The theme of the Infinix Note 3 Launch Event was JIMSBIGTHING, and before going I was wondering what the hell that meant. My best guess was that JIM was probably the name of someone important at Infinix and the Note 3 is gonna be his BIG THING (don’t laugh please! 🙂 ).

We were treated to the meaning of the theme at the event, and I came to know why every time I heard Infinix, I always heard Jumia and MTN. J stands for Jumia, I stands for Infinix, and M stands for MTN, so JIM stands for the collaboration between the three giant companies, and JIMSBIGTHING means the big thing to be unveiled by them, which is the Infinix Note 3.

Th Infinix Note 3 comes in two variants, the first with 3G network connectivity priced at N54,700, and the second variant with 4G LTE connectivity priced at N60,000. Both are available on Jumia in Nigeria.

A top MTN official assured us at the event that MTN will launch its 4G LTE network bands across Nigeria before the end of the year, so it might just be wise to get the 4G variant of the Infinix Note 3. The price difference isn’t that much.


Now that the Infinix Note 3 has been officially launched and you can see the amazing features the device has to offer, when are you getting yours? Or have you gotten yours? Share your experience with us.

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