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All Sony Xperia Android phones Specifications & Price

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Sony Xperia is a family of Sony smartphones and tablets. The line of phones has been manufactured since 2008, while the first tablet released under the brand was launched in 2012. The name Xperia is derived from the word “experience”, and was first used in the Xperia X1 tagline, “I (Sony Ericsson) Xperia the best”.

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We have put together this list of Sony Xperia Android phones models with price and picture to help you quickly decide which mobile to buy. The list  is not an exclusive list of all sony xperia android based phones ,it only includes all latest sony Xperia android  mobiles released and currently selling in various Markets.

Clicking on any of the Sony Xperia phone listed above will take you to a page detailing the Specs and price as culled from from Jumia and Konga Nigeria.

Sony Xperia XA View Specs

Sony Xperia X Performance View Specs

Sony Xperia X View Specs

Sony Xperia Z5   View  View Specs

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium View Specs

Sony Xperia 25 Compact – View Specs

While these are some of the most recent Sony Xperia Smartphones,you can view more Sony xperia Smartphones  in our general Sony Xperia Category or you can just check our official partner shops in Nigeria for more Sony Xperia Phones ,specs andpricein Nigeria

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