Real Image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Emerges

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For a couple of weeks now, a lot of specs and photo render leaks of upcoming devices have been making the rounds, and among these are those of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 photo renders first appeared in early June, including a video footage of the photo renders revolving in space.

After that, rumored specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came out towards the end of last month, with the device purportedly going to possess a 6GB RAM capacity and 4,000mAh battery, and a wide screen with stylus support.

Then, just recently, another set of photo renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were circulated by popular online leaker Evan Blass. The photo renders looked real enough to be considered true renders of the device.

However, all these images were computer-made and didn’t represent the live image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now the first actual image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has surfaced, and is being circulated by popular tech blog Techtastic.


Above is the first actual photo render of the Note 7 on the left, and the most recent photo render of the device on the right. When you study both images closely, you will notice that both are similar both in the number of panels on the top bezel, the buttons and fingerprint scanner on the bottom bezel, and the general look of the device.

On the top bezels in the two images, there’s the front camera with flash on one side, and the lens on the other side indicates the Iris scanner that has been rumored to be present on the device. The bottom bezel houses the capacitive navigation buttons with the pressable home button in the middle. The display in both images possess an edge screen, heightening the possibility of the first-ever Samsung Galaxy Note device with a curved display.

It is rumored that the device will become available to the public some time in the month of August, and mass production of the device will start this month, so expect to see more and more of these photo renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Are you excited by the prospect of the Note 7 becoming official next month?

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