Home Accessories Mesuit is an iPhone Battery Case that runs Android

Mesuit is an iPhone Battery Case that runs Android

Mesuit is an iPhone Battery Case that runs Android

A new innovation has been made, and it’s one that will excite a lot of Apple iPhone users, especially those who have an eye for the Android OS. A new battery case for iPhones called Mesuit has just been launched, and it is indeed more than just a battery extension.

Mesuit is an iPhone case that does its primary work of adding extra battery juice to iPhone 6 smartphones; 1700mAh for the standard iPhones and 2700mAh for the Plus iPhones.


Mesuit does more than that. The case is actually an Android device with a SIM slot with the only thing lacking being a screen. It runs Mesuit OS 1.0 based on Android, and uses Apus Launcher and can also run Android apps. In order to use the Android functionality of the Mesuit case, a lightning port connector is present on the case with which the Android system is mirrored on the iPhone screen through the use of an app.

The Mesuit case also solves another underlying problem with lower storage variants of the iPhone 6 series. It comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage variants which can be shared with the default memory on the iOS system.

The smaller model of the Mesuit case (160.5 * 70 * 5.5 mm) comes with a price tag of CNY 999 in China which is about $150. The bigger model (180.5 * 80.8 * 5.55 mm) comes at a price of CNY 1099 which is about $165. Manufacturers of the Mesuit case, Jija also announced that an Android case that runs iOS is in the works, and should be expected next year. This is really good news for Android users.

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