Xtouch E1 Unboxing: Stylishly Affordable

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Last week I was doing my usual internet window shopping on Konga’s website, then I came across an upcoming event on their homepage – Konga Gadget Sales. I was curious so I clicked on the link to see the products going on discount sale during the event. I was quite impressed with what I saw and I signed up for the event reminder with my e-mail. The first day of the event passed without me knowing…then on the second day which was Tuesday, I checked the event page, and one of the items on discount sale that really caught my attention was the Xtouch E1.

Where to Buy Xtouch E1 & Pay On Delivery

Konga.com  |Buy Now

Prior to that very minute, I had never heard of the brand Xtouch, but after some research I discovered that Xtouch is a new smartphones company partnering with Innjoo to promote their products in Africa. You could call them a subsidiary of Innjoo. What I think is that Innjoo is using them to sell its products, due to its already-damaged brand name and image in the Nigerian market. You know what I mean.

To cut the story short, the Xtouch E1 was and is still being offered on Konga Gadget Sales 2016 at a discounted price of N14,000 while the normal price is N20,000. When I checked the specs listed for the device on the product page, I was quite amazed. The specs were too good for the device at that price. I didn’t know if it was going to be true or just another Chinese company trying to defraud Nigerians with a useless device.

What other way to know than to lay my hands on the device

I immediately contacted a guy who had been bugging me for weeks to find a cheap phone with good specs for him to buy. He agreed to purchase the device and I ordered the device on Wednesday night, and this afternoon, it was delivered to me with a total fee of N15,000 – N1,000 for shipping and delivery. Here are the unboxing photos and few screenshots and camera shots from the device. But first, let me give you a quick list of the key specs of the Xtouch E1.

Specifications of the Xtouch E1

The Xtouch E1 Specifications are as follows:

  • 5-inch HD Touchscreen
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 3200mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 5MP Rear Camera with LED Flash
  • 2MP Front/Selfie Camera
  • 3G/HSDPA+ Connectivity
  • 1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB ROM, expandable up to 16GB or 32GB(not sure). The phone comes with a free 8GB Memory Card
  • Dual-SIM, 1 Full SIM Slot, 1 Micro-SIM Slot
  • Memory Card Slot Separate, not Hybrid
  • Dual Standby

Those are the specs of the device I can see right now. Now to the Unboxing.

Xtouch E1 Full Unboxing and Photos

These pictures were taken with a BlackBerry device camera, and we did our best to provide quality photos that reveal exactly what we want to show you. Some may not be clear and detailed enough.

The Package

xtouch e1 front pack
Xtouch E1 Package – Front

Nothing special about the package. The package is typical of most smartphone packages in Nigeria.

xtouch e1 pack back
Xtouch E1 Package – Back

On opening the box whose mouth is promptly sealed, it’s the same thing we see in almost every smartphone box – a kinda pouch for the phone’s accessories with the phone itself on top.

xtouch e1 pouch
Xtouch E1 Phone Pouch
xtouch e1 pouch 2
Xtouch E1 Phone Pouch

A clearer view of the phone in its pack.

xtouch e1 phone pouch
Xtouch E1 Phone Compartment

Contained in the box is a wall charger head…

xtouch e1 charger pack
Xtouch E1 Charger Pack
xtouch e1 charger head
Xtouch E1 Charger Head

…a user manual…

xtouch e1 user manual
Xtouch E1 User Manual

…the phone battery…

xtouch e1 battery
Xtouch E1 Battery

…a USB Charging cord…

xtouch e1 cord
Xtouch E1 Charging cord
xtouch e1 cord long
Xtouch E1 Charging Cord

…and a earpiece…

xtouch e1 earpiece
Xtouch E1 Earpiece
xtouch e1 earphone
Xtouch E1 Earphone

These are the items normally found in a smartphone pack.

xtouch e1 accessories
Xtouch E1 All Package Accessories

The Device Itself

xtouch e1
Xtouch E1

The Xtouch E1 has a 5.0-inch display with three capacitive buttons.

xtouch e1 capacitive buttons
Xtouch E1 Capacitive Buttons

At the left side of the device is located the charging port.

xtouch e1 charging port
Xtouch E1 Charging Port

At the right side of the device the power buttons and the volume buttons are located. The buttons are not readily visible because they are black. I think this adds to the cool look of the device.

xtouch e1 volume buttons
Xtouch E1 Volume Buttons

At the back of the device camera is located with the LED flash right beside it. Also located there is the speaker.

xtouch e1 back
Xtouch E1 Back View

Audio Components

xtouch e1 speaker
Xtouch E1 Speaker

The earpiece contained in the pack looks like the ones being sold by the roadside for N200. But since looks can be deceptive, I tested three different earphones with the phone: the phone’s original earpiece, the earpiece that came with the Tecno L8 and an earpiece I bought for N200 from a shop.

xtouch e1 earpiece
Xtouch E1 Earpiece

The Tecno L8 earpiece was the best, followed by the N200 earpiece, and then the earpiece included in the package. The normal audio output is quite good and clear. The audio jack is located at the top of the device.

xtouch e1 audio port
Xtouch E1 Earpiece Jack


xtouch e1 camera
Xtouch E1 Camera

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from the camera, and I was quite stunned with the picture quality of the shots from the front camera.

xtouch e1 cam shots
Xtouch E1 Camera Shots
xtouch e1 cam shot 2
Xtouch E1 Camera Shots
xtouch e1 cam shot 3
Xtouch E1 Camera Shots
xtouch e1 cam shot 4
Xtouch E1 Camera Shots

The Selfie Camera performed quite well also, but I didn’t save the shots. Maybe when I do the software review, I’ll show you some selfie shots. Maybe I’m quite shy and o don’t want you to see me. You’ll see.

The Camera app has some basic settings like HDR mode, Flash control etc…, as well as Advanced settings to tweak the size, quality and look of photos.


xtouch e1 welcome
Xtouch E1 Welcome Screen
xtouch e1 welcome
Xtouch E1 Welcome Screen

The phone runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and has a nice U.I. The display quality is also quite good.

xtouch e1 disp
Xtouch E1 Keyboard

At first, I couldn’t find the app launcher and could only navigate through the two home pages, but after tapping away for some seconds I found it in the widgets, which means you can move the app launcher to any location of your choice on the screen, and you could decide to do away with it entirely. Cool.

xtouch e1 home
Xtouch E1 Home Screen
xtouch e1 notifs
Xtouch E1 Notifications
xtouch e1 rom
Xtouch E1 Internal Storage

I’ve not been able to use the phone for long, but from what I’ve seen, the phone looks worth the price.


xtouch e1 battery
Xtouch E1 Battery

The 3200mAh battery, from the little I have used it, seems strong enough to take you through a day with moderate usage. More on the battery life later. The device also has CM Cleaner built in with various power saving measures, including Lollipop’s power-saving mode.


xtouch e1
Xtouch E1 Full View

The device is a budget smartphone with specs worth more than the price, better than most of its counterparts at that price range. I’ve not been able to use the device for long, and run some games and apps on it to see its performance. That will come later in a software review. The phone is light in the hands and the touchscreen is very responsive. Without the battery, the phone was very light, lighter than Wiko Highway Pure. The only issue I have with the device is the availability of components and accessories for it. Being a relatively new brand, these things may not abound in the market, but if they get enough patronage that could improve. At the time the phone was delivered to me, 730+ pieces of the device had already been sold on Konga. You can interpret that in whatever way you want.

Where to buy Xtouch E1

The Xtouch E1 silver color is available on Konga at N20,000, and on Jumia at N23,200. The device is currently on sale on Konga Gadget Sales at the price of N14,000. The phone comes with a free 8GB memory card and the other accessories listed above.

In case you are planning to purchase the phone, please note that the discount lasts till Monday the 27th. Be kind enough to share this article to pass the news round. You might just be helping someone.

So what do you think of this device? Have you bought and used it? Let me know what you think about it in the comments section.

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  1. please my ear piece if inserted in the xtouch e1 phone does not connect, i was told that it has a special setting please send me the settings

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