Samsung Galaxy S8 with Dual-Camera & Ultra HD Display rumored

Someone out there is already talking about a Samsung Galaxy S8, even when the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still making record sales of twenty five million and counting globally. Call it Samsung crazy or Samsung craving if you like.

Well, rumors out there has it that Samsung is already cooking up a next generation flagship, at least for 2017, going by the moniker – Samsung Galaxy S8, which would cram a dual-camera setup on the rear.

This is quite a surprise given that Samsung is yet to get a dual-shooter packing smartie yet. Not even Samsung’s fierce rival Apple has got such a set up. Actually though, the dual-camera package was rumored to be part of the design  of Apple’s next flagship device – iPhone 7. But that rumor has been flatly discredited by recent leaks emanating from the Silicon valley US-based tech giant.

Apart from the dual-camera setup, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is also rumored to come with an Ultra High Definition (UHD) display, apparently to boost users’ virtual reality (VR) experience.

The confusing thing is that Samsung has retained the Super AMOLED display on both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 and honestly the experience has been great reviews from users. Currently, there are no 2016 flagship  which boasts of a display as sharp and clear as that of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Talking about flagships like the HTC 10, LG G5 and others in the same category. So it beats our imaginations why Samsung would want to change the display set up on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Besides that, there haven’t been any bad review of the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge’s VR experience from users and reviewers. Recall that Samsung outed the 2016 flagship devices with VR headgears some of which were given out free in stores worldwide to buyers who were early birds.

On the bright side though, if Samsung were to unveil her 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 with a dual-camera setup and Ultra HD display, it will give the device the genuine status of a flagship since none of the South Korean tech mogul’s smart phones wears anything of such presently.

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