New SanDisk Dual Flash Drive offers both USB Type-C and USB 3.0 connections

SanDisk, now under the parent company Western Digital has unveiled a new type of USB Flash Drive at the Computex 2016 event. While SanDisk has been know to manufacture a host of different storage devices(Flash drives, memory cards, hard drives), this new Dual-Usb Flash Drive is not just another Flash Drive, it is one that is set to cause a twist in the way future Flash Drives will be manufactured. What actually makes this Flash Drive so special is that it possesses both a reversible Type-C connector and a USB 3.0 coonector in the same device. What this means is that you can transfer files to and fro your laptops and modern smartphones with this gadget.

Reversible Usb Type-C Connector

Reversible Usb Type-C Connector

Anyway you plug it in is the right way.

The Flash Drive includes one reversible Type-C Usb Connector which makes it painless to save files from your PCs and Macs for safety and future use. Another thing about the Type-C connector is that it is reversible, meaning you can’t plug it in the wrong way. This is useful for times when you want to quickly use your flash drive and forget to check if it’s in the right way. Anyway you plug it in is the right way. The Dual-Usb drive also has a sturdy swivel design that keeps it out of danger when it’s not in use.

Multi-Compatible Usb 3.0 Connector

The drive features a Usb 3.0 connector with extra improved speed and compatibility with all micro-Usb Type-C enabled smartphones(via USB Otg) and Usb Type-C enabled computers. For those who do not have modern Usb-type smartphones, the SanDisk ultra-fast dual-Usb flash drive is backward compatible with Usb 2.0 ports. Perfecto!

Storage Capacity

The SanDisk Dual-Usb Flash Drive has an upper storage capacity of 128gb, at leadt for now, with lower storage variants being 16gb, 32gb and 64gb. This is probably due to it being a new type of flash drive. As time goes on, I’m sure more flash drives of this type will be released with higher storage capacity. However, the low middle-range storage capacity is compensated for with data transfer speeds up to 150mbps.

SanDisk Ultra Dual-Usb Flash Drive Specifications



Usb Type:


Usb Technology:

1*Usb Type-C, 1*Usb 3.0

Storage Capacity:

128GB, 64GB, 32GB, 16GB


PC, Mac, Smartphone with Micro-Usb(via USB OTG), backward-compatibility with Usb 2.0 ports

Data transfer speed:

Up to 150mbps

Color and Body Design:

Black, Metal

Other Features:

Sturdy swivel design for protection

SanDisk Ultra Dual-Usb Flash Drive Price In Nigeria Kenya India

The SanDisk Ultra-fast Dual-Usb Flash Drive is now available on Amazon for order from any of the above countries at the following prices:

16GB – $14.99/N4000 – N6000/Ksh 1999/p1339
32GB – $19.99/N6100/Ksh 3029/p2009
64GB – $32.99/N8000/Ksh 4039/p2679
128GB – $55.99/N14000/Ksh 7069/p4689

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