LG selling bug-repellent TVs in India

In a bid to solve the prevalent problem of mosquitoes in some areas in India, LG Electronics has started selling ‘mosquito-repelling’ televisions in India, labeling them bug-free TVs. The TVs started selling around mid-June, according to Reuters, and have been confirmed to actually repel mosquitoes by an independent lab in India. Here is how it works:

The TVs use a technology called ‘Mosquito Away Technology’, which emits ultra-sonic sound waves above the frequency range of we humans, but within the frequency range of the mosquitoes. These ultra-sonic waves kinda sound scary to the mosquitoes, and scares them off. Since the waves have a frequency level above ours, the process won’t cause noise to disturb us when watching TV. This new piece of technology is exciting as it gives us the opportunity to watch TV without having to be dodging mosquitoes or attempting to kill them. If you’ve lived in an area where mosquitoes are ever-present even after all visible entry points have been sealed off, you’d know what I’m talking about.

These bug-repelling televisions are available as flat screen TVs in 32-inch and 43-inch variants, with prices of $394 and $706 respectively. That is about Rs 26,398 and Rs 47,302 respectively in India. For now, the devices are only on sale in India, with LG to start selling the device in Sri Lanka and the Philippines in July, and possibly to other areas later on. The company claims that the technology works whether the TVs are on or off. They however advise people to use other forms of mosquito repellents also, and not depend solely on this.

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