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InstaVoice: Voicemail, Missed Calls Alert App Review & Full Guide

InstaVoice: Voicemail, Missed Calls Alert App Review & Full Guide

A new app has hit the Google Play Store, and it’s called InstaVoice, otherwise known as Missed Calls, Voice mail, and Voice SMS App. InstaVoice is a new app for Apple and Android phones designed to make the task of phone calls and message management more efficient and fun. Kirusa created the app which is logged in the Communications section of apps in the Google Play Store. According to the description of InstaVoice on the Google Play Store:

“InstaVoice provides Free and Unlimited Missed Calls, Voice mail and Voice SMS, all in one app, to connect you with your friends in a very easy and simple user-friendly interface. Be connected even when you are busy, out of coverage area or switched off.”

The user-interface of the app is cool and bears a lot of resemblance to Google’s Gmail app. InstaVoice is a multi-function application designed to take care of Missed Calls, Voice mail and Voice SMS on smartphones. It also allows you to send voice mails and visual voice SMS, even in low-network areas.

InstaVoice packs so many exciting features that, though easy to use, could be overwhelming for first-time users. To make the process of using the app easier, we bring you the full guide to using InstaVoice app. Read on..

How To Use InstaVoice – Missed Calls, Voice mail, and Voice SMS App

The process of using InstaVoice to manage Missed Calls, Voice mail, and Voice SMS is made easier with its simple and self-explanatory user-interface. Once you get the hang of the basics, the rest becomes easy. I go through the basic steps of setting up your phone number on the app, as well as the advanced steps of personalizing the app to recognize your voice, below:

Setting up your phone number

Download the app from the google play store and let it install. Once it’s installed, open the app. You’ll see a screen like this:

• Choose your country from the list, then enter your phone number.


• Tap sign in. You’ll be asked to confirm if the phone number you entered is correct. If you’re sure it’s correct, tap Confirm.

Note: You’ll be debited the full amount for a text message on the phone number you enter in.

• If the phone number is correct and you’ve been successfully debited, you’ll be sent a pin on the phone number and taken to a page where you’ll be asked to enter the pin. If the SIM card is in the same phone you’re using to set the app up (which of course it should be), the SMS will be automatically detected and the pin automatically entered. Then you’ll see a success screen like this.




Personalizing your name and custom message

• On the success message screen, tap ‘Ok’ and you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be able to tell the app your name, as well as a welcome message for your callers.


• Press and hold the first mic icon, then say your name in the clearest way you can. Note that this feature will be used in several instances where you need to relate with the app, for instance when you open the app, it could say to you: ‘Welcome, Mr. Editorial Staff.’
• To record your personal message, press and hold the second mic icon and speak the message you want.
• When the message has been successfully recorded, tap on ‘Finish Personalization.’

Using the app

You’ll be taken to a screen like this:


At this point, the app is trying to access your contacts and messages list. Wait for some time for the app to finish loading. You’ll then be taken to the home screen.



Here you can see three different tabs: VOICEMAILS, MISSED CALLS & CHATS. These tabs are self-explanatory and easy to use: The Voicemails tab for viewing, managing and sending voice messages, the Missed Calls tab for viewing and managing your missed calls, and the Chats tab for managing your text messages. The Chats tab can also be used to chat with your contacts who are also using the app.

The Menu

InstaVoice has a host of functions for managing the app, your contacts, and your account as well. These functions are grouped into sub menus under a menu. To access the menu, click on the button at the top left corner of the home screen.


Here you can see a host of different functions. Each has its own uses and sub-menus. You can click on any one of them to see what function they carry out.



In the Friends menu, you can view all the contacts you have on your phone and SIM Card(s). The contacts are grouped into those who have registered with the app and those who haven’t. This allows for easy management of your contacts list. You can tap on a contact to send a voicemail, chat or voice call.




On this menu, you can invite your contacts who haven’t registered and started using the app to make them aware of the existence of InstaVoice App. You have the option of inviting them through SMS with the regular tariff rate of your carrier, through E-MAIL using your data connection and through the APP itself. Tap on any of the options to utilize it.




This is simply a menu where you can read the latest news and announcements from the developers of the app, Kirusa Inc.


Here you can put down notes of things you want to do later either on the app or elsewhere. It functions as your normal physical ‘jotter’, where you can write down anything that comes to your mind, important or otherwise, and save them to read them later.




Here you can edit the basic info about yourself, add another number to your account and edit your location details. You can specify an e-mail account to be used to reach you in case something goes wrong or an important news is being passed around. You also have the choice of editing your birth details, as well as your current location settings to ensure you get the maximum functionality available for your area of residence.




There are four categories under this menu: Account Settings, Chat Settings, Sharing Settings and Voicemail/Missed Call Settings.
Account Settings:


Here you can view your primary phone number and linked phone number(s), and link a new phone number. Under this menu, you can manage your account details like Password and Blocked Contacts. There is one interesting feature at the bottom of this sub-menu called Total Credits. When you complete actions like inviting friends from the Invite menu, you’ll be awarded points, which will then be recorded under the ‘Total Credits’ tab. These points could be used to claim some rewards once accumulated to some certain level, or to enjoy future premium features of the app for free.
Chat Settings:



Under the Chat Settings sub-menu, you can set the time limit of voice mails you send within the app. This comes handy in situations of low storage and data availability. You can also choose whether to share your location in chat messages.
Social/Sharing Settings:



Here you can connect your social media accounts to the app, to enable you to share the app and its features to your social contacts. The social media platforms currently supported include Facebook and Twitter. Once connected, you can choose whether to automatically post content and news received in the ‘Blogs’ menu to any of your social media accounts.

Voicemail/Missed Call Settings:

This menu is simply for activating or deactivating the Voicemail and Missed Call feature of the app. To do this, you have to select your carrier from the list that pops up when you tap on the settings tab.


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