Whatsapp latest Android app update adds new features

If you are an ardent user of Whatsapp on Android device, then you must have noticed that as of today the app has been updated. So you won’t be able to use the text-messaging app on your android device unless you update to the latest version.

The amazing thing about the new update is the features it brings to Whatsapp. Now you can format text just by flanking the text with a specific symbol. If you put an asterisk around a word , it’ll show up as *BOLD*. If you want a strike-through effect, as if you are cancelling the text, just put an underscore before and after the word like  _this_. If you want to put the text as italics, simply put the word in between a tilde. This is the symbol known as a tilde ~. For example, to italicize the word photo, it would look like this: ~photo~.

The update will also allow you to respond to a message from your notification panel using Quick Replies without you having to open the app first.

Also there’s an improvement in the method you start multiple chat. Now it is quicker and easier to start, mute and delete multiple chats. You can assign different solid colors to each chat as well. Lastly, a new Quick Camera button pops up in chats, allowing you to choose a picture or video from your camera roll.

If you haven’t got the features, then hop into Google Play Store now and update your Whatsapp so the new features will be available to you. And just so you’ll know, we still expecting the video call feature to be available soon on Whatsapp.

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