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Facebook rewards 10-year-old $10,000 for hacking Instagram

Facebook rewards 10-year-old $10,000 for hacking Instagram

A  Finnish boy was able to discover a security flaw in the Instagram network and got rewarded with a hefty $10,000 when he contacted Facebook, the parent company that owns Instagram. You might be wandering what’s special about the news until you get to know the age of the young whiz-kid. Wait for it…..10 years!

Yes! A 10-year-old boy discovered the bug which allowed him access to Instagram to delete any comment on Instagram, despite him not old enough to own an Instagram account.

The 10-year-old named Jani contacted Facebook via e-mail notifying them of the flaw and even demonstrated the breach by hacking into Instagram from a test account and  deleted a comment Facebook made. After verification by Facebook, the young lad was rewarded with his bounty. The bug has since been fixed.

This reward makes Jani the youngest recipient of the Facebook bounty program which is reputed to having paid well over $4.3 million in rewards to more than 800 security researchers. The previous youngest recipient was 13 years-old.

Facebook isn’t the only company which offers reward for security alerts from tech geeks. Google also does same which saves them the cost of dealing with large scale security breaches that could result in massive data loss.

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