Social Networks : Are these Safe for Kids?

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Since social networks are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers, many experts (and their parents) have begun to question the safety of their use by young people. Facebook, in particular, has come under renewed scrutiny due to renowned changes in their privacy policies.

Until now, children under 17 were not able to share updates and status messages to the general public, but now Facebook has allowed underage users to share photos and other details with the followers, well, anyone who would like to see.

This is not the case with Facebook all alone. Pick any other social forum say Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat etc., and you will find preteens and teens publishing posts there.   

This change in policy change has shocked and angered many who fear that increased accessibility of personal information and photos of strangers as well as friends, creates a risk in children using Facebook and other social networks. Let’s face it – even many adults find themselves wishing they hadn’t posted some information and images on these popular sites, so avoiding that children can’t publish inappropriate content can lead to embarrassment, harassment or worse. This is the reason that a significant number of parents and experts in child behavior are understandably concerned with the changes that make social networks inexplicable for kids.


What should parents do?

So how should parents respond to these potential threats to the safety of their children? It seems a bit drastic to prohibit a child using Facebook and other social networking platforms, but parents should be aware of how their children use these forums and what information they share and with whom. Once they know it, it is important for them to talk about the privacy settings and the risks involved in the use of social networking platforms with their children. Some parents have decided to take an active role in monitoring the online activities of their children using the digital solutions such as FamilyTime parental control app on a smartphone or tablet software.

This is the most effective way to ensure that your child is not participating in online activities that can be dangerous as the app empowers parents to:

Monitor Web Activities:

  • Monitor their online activities
  • Block questionable sites
  • Check websites your kid visits the most

Monitor Mobile Usage

  • View call history
  • Check call details
  • View contacts
  • Watchlist suspicious contact
  • View complete list of installed app
  • Check app usage frequency
  • Blacklist unwanted apps

And this is not all. FamilyTime offers more than that. To explore the application yourself, download the app now from Google Play store or iTunes.

Make Social Media Safe for your Kids!

You cannot unplug your kids from the world out there so get hold of the parental app and monitor their activities. The idea of being monitored will help them stay on track and if, for any reason they get distracted you can always stop them in time with the help of FamilyTime parental app.

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