April 2016 Updated – List of All Gionee Customer Care Number & Repair Centers in Lagos/Nigeria

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Gionee Mobile is well Know in Nigeria for selling sound Mobile Phones rich in design ,Performance and the battery department.Gionee customers in Nigeria can now call 01-4539110 for urgent inquiries ,compliant and  or service request. You can also contact them on Facebook.com/Gionee Nigeria for inquiry.

If however your phone is in a bad situation, you are strictly advice to the nearest Gionee Mobile service center as presented below;

Where To Buy Gionee Phones in Nigeria

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Gionee mobile service centres in Nigeria

Where To Buy Gionee Phones

You an get Gionee Mobile phones to buy from all major online stores in Nigeria,including Jumia ,Konga ,Yudala and Kaymu.You can check out the List of all Gionee Mobile phones currently in Nigeria ,Ghana ,Kenya and their prices.

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  1. It is highly disgraceful for Gionee management, not to meet up with there customers needs.

    I’ve been surfer for charging of my M5 device, over 2months now dew to my follow come charger burning, which i immediately lodge the complain at your Gionee store (IBADAN BRANCH) with the mission of buy another one their to my surprise, since the day i lodge the complain up to this moment the feedback i am receiving from that your store is that the said item is not available up till now.

    I don’t know if your staff there were not capable of logging the complain of your customers to the management, or the management were not ready to provide there customers needs.

    Do act fast to this request form your customers in ibadan and oyo state as a whole.


  2. I think they should just stop the sales of those phones if they can’t be well catered for if they develop fault, despite the fact that the warranty has some funny clauses to it, even after payment I still could not use the phone as desired, that is really disappointing. Fix the screen of my phone o. IBADAN BRANCH!!!!

      1. Were can i gionee m5 mini charging panel bcos my fone is not charge and the mouth piece am staying lokoja pls i need quick responsed 07062245416

          1. Hello sir,
            Thanks for the work you are doing.
            My name is Tonia, I work with Gionee.Can I give you an updated Gionee customer care addresses nationwide so you can update the one above.

  3. Pls my gionee m55 mini got stolen, its only about 3 weeks old and I’m pained. The screen cracked last week, pls if the personattempts to change the screen, can he be caught or stopped. I can provide the invoice etc

    1. Sorry about that ,unfortunately the person in possession of it wont repair it through the official channel, he would probably go to a local technician for a quick fix

  4. Good morning pls just to know I bought a gionee m5 plus for about 82k.started using it and noticed it reboots on its own and the camera doesn’t come up it will be dark for a while untill you reboot later it does same.all the apps keep given an error messageothe apps not responding and if I will like to send an the error message.I used it for only 10days and it ist went off and refuse to come up.in fact that was the second time the first time it went off and came back on after 3hours.Pls what can I do when I went back to the seller the refered to the service center at banex and for the past two days no response and they will not pick calls.

    1. You erred in the first instance ,you should have returned it immediately you noticed the fault .Now you do not have to call ,calling wont give you any tangible result ,i advise you locate a service centre ,visit them and lay your complain ,you surely will receive good service there

  5. Comment: please..whats happening..my gionee m5 mini is in your custody for a week+ nw….when would they call me to come collect my phone…am actually using my phone for business…..help please…..ikeja center…9simbiat abiola way….please help….I stay far….wouldav gone der

  6. Wale

    My Ginoee Mr plus stopped charging and stock at 1%. This is just about three month. Please what do I do? Currently in lagos

  7. Pls I need to go to Gionee office centre in Abuja, my M5 Plus is not charging again. I need the address immediately. Thank you.

  8. Please is there a substitute for gionee p5w phone presently bcoz the battery is poor.. Old if there is something u can assist with.

  9. I stay at keffi bought a gionee M5 plus at owerri slot office, can’t access the pictures I snap and can’t see my call history. Need assistance please

  10. My gioone M2 mini is having software issues since i upgraded the OS.. If i go to thier service centre will they charge me to install the stock rom? I bought the phone in january.

  11. pls my gionee m2 Fell inside water, now it cannot on again, also I took it to phone repairers the said the cannot find the fault, pls where can I locate gionee office in Abuja

  12. I bought Gionee S-plus since February 2016 (10months) and it has spent about four month with IBADAN SERVICE CENTRE, three months with me without being able to use it and three months of usage.
    The problem is charging port.
    How can i escalate my complaint to head office of gionee and consumer protection council.
    Staffs at the centre are rude!!!

  13. Hi, pls my m5 plus screen is broken and went blank, the care center in kaduna said they cant fix it in kd, that they have to take it to lagos, pls is there no any alternative means of fixing it within kaduna?

    Thank you,

    1. The only alternative means is to take your phone to any other local repairer in your location ,but i advise you go the carlcare way to ensure your phone is in safe hands

  14. Please,I just saw the marathon 6/6plus. When are they going to be in the Nigerian market and what could be the price? I need to get one for myself

  15. my name is jerry base in abuja ,I am an engineer and I think I can fix ur phone for u any type of phone not only Gioone pls call 08148054111

  16. Hello, my Gionee M5 Mini prompted for OS upgrade to Android 6.0 which i accepted but since the upgrade, i have not been able to use a most of my applications.

    The error message is all about ” Screen Overlay” and i have tried all i can to get rid of this overly to no avail.

    I even search google for a way out but no solution since yesterday.

    To my surprise, i called the contact for Gionee service center in Lagos this morning via 07068732240 to confirm what to do but the guy hung the call on me twice and refused picking my call again since.

    As a customer relationship manager with one of the foremost telecommunication service operator in this country, I am totally disappointed in the way i was treated, the guy actually lowered my self esteem as if i was calling to beg for alms.

    If i may ask, is that what Gionee stand for?
    Is that how you treat customers in this era of kin market competition?
    Do you even train your staff on customer service and management?

    While i wish to know how to resolve this issue, i am also demanding to know why i should be treated this way.

    Thank you for your time as i awaits a response.

  17. I am having challenge transferring my Details(Contact,pictures,etc) from my S6s to M6. The AmiClone complain of compatibility issue.
    What can i do?
    Thanks and waiting.

  18. Am using Gionee m2 mini, my flight light no longer the on again, i have download so many torch light, yet e did not work, so please what next should i do to get it back, because e help a lot, am living in ikon local government, cross river state, Thanks.

  19. I mistakenly deleted my Gionee M2 camera. I install another one from play store but I cannot snap anybody. This is because there is no provision to change the position to snap myself and also change again to snap generally. What do I do because I can only snap myself.

      1. My Gionee elife s5.1 fails to boot up after I manually reboot it few days back. Since then, once I plug it in to charge, it shows charging, after that it goes into infinite rebooting (i.e. not charging & the reboot does not go beyond the Gionee welcome screen). What do I need to do? I live in Sunny Vale Abuja.

  20. Pls my geonie E7 has screen problem how can I locate your centre at Ibadan. Repair or swap I’m ready to do any, the phone is in good condition.

  21. please can i get the back cover of gionee elifeS5.1 from phone accessories stores without visiting gionee care center?

  22. From ibadan, My gionee m3mini screen got broken, how much will they fix it and can it be done within a day cos I have no other phone? Or can I get it fixed outside their care centre?

    1. I can not say how much it will take to fix your screen , and its practically imposible to get it same day , you will be booked , so i advise u fix it in other phone repair centre

  23. I left my gionee G3 for over 2yrs without charging or using it, bt now d battery is bad.please were can i buy d battery cos i checked at your onitsha office dey said dey don’t hv it pls can u transfer from any branch to onitsha so dat i can go and pay thanks

  24. please i just bought gionee m5 mini, it came with os version 5.0.16, so i tried to upgrade to os 6 whenever i clicked on system update, it tells me i have d latest version which is 5.0.16 .please how do i get the latest version on my phone. thanks

  25. Hello…plz I just discover dat d battery of my gionee m5 mini does not last anymore nd it also takes longer time 4 it 2 charge…wat can I do 2 it nd aw long will it take 2 repair it if I take it down 2 gionee centre? Will they replace it wit a new battery without payment Cus I still ave warranty…plz I nid a response ASAP…Thanks

  26. Please I need gionee m5 screen can I fix it outside there call care centre am in ibadan they are not attending to me well in there call care here in ibadan pedro by d name

  27. I bought Gionee S6s, the battery don’t last 5hours I was told to send it to their servicing center which I did but now the situation is worst is now getting very hot when ever I am using it. Please advice me what to do.

    1. Hello ,where and which store did you get your device? I recommend u return it asap if it is not a road side shop , they definitly will change the charge or ask u to buy new one depeding on what is actually wrong with your phone . Have you tried it with another charger?

  28. Please can someone swap a lower version of gionee phone of 1wk to a higher model.

    Like I said its just one week after purchase and everything is still intact but decided to go for a higher model. How can I go about if it’s possible


  29. Hello admin, I bought a gionee f103 pro today only to discover when I got home that the SIM slots are not working. Do I take it back to the store I got it or to a gionee service point”?

  30. good afternoon…. please am using Gionee p4 am really having problems with the phone right now the network is not working and the phone doesn’t upgrade any applications but it does all this before i take it to Gionee service center to change the front glass please, assist me i really need the phone back the way it was pls…… thanks….. [email protected]

    1. Hello Chi
      Sorry about the ugly xperience, you may stil have to go back to the gionee centre for possible fix ,but before then , i think u should factory reset it and see if there will be difference, if not u take it to repair centre

  31. Gionee phones are really very bad because I’m also using S6s, I bought 2 phones on March, and from 1st day we’re suffering, I been to their office 2 times but they didn’t solve my problem, till today we’re having a same problem,
    Main thing is many times I have updated my both the devices but problem is still there, really ridiculous, if I could meet there MD, really going to abuse him very well.

  32. pls I am using gionee f103, d network is poor and does it mean gionee dosent have play store and cannot do snap chat..I don’t understand

  33. hi pls my gionee p4 is kinda faulty and I need to fix the casing up….the side buttons are broken. pls I stay in abuja and I have gone to GAM village and I was told they don’t have the case for a change so what do I do now?

  34. My Gionee m5 is giving me a lot of concern. It does not downlod and now it is no longer charging battery. I love this phone that was why I bought it, I don’t want any ugly experience. I need urgent attention to bring my phone back to its normal position. I am based in Abuja.

  35. I just bought a hooker marathon m5 plus yesterday, and ever truly I regret why I bought the phone, the ba3 capacity specified there doesn’t correspond with how the ba3 lasted for me just in the one day of use, the camera is poor, no front flash, my back button and minimize button are not working, the phone browses slow, compared to my other lesser Android phones.. Please are there things I should do to resolve these issues… I need ur response asap… Thank you

    1. Sorry about the ugly experience .May i know where you bought the fone? .As for the battery life, can we be sureyou charged the fone to full capacity before you started using the phone? If yes , and couple with the faulty buttons then you are in for it , and in that case i advise you return the fone to the point of purchase stating all complains.

      The fone was never advertised as having front camera , so you have nothing to complain about there .You are still very much in time , so i advise you go to the nearest gionee centre or return it to point of purchase .

      Thank you

  36. My gionee p5 mini is not browsing again since last month.I have used alk network on the pbone not browsing cbeck d setting done resets not working I ned solution

  37. I bought my Gionee M6 mirror in April,so far the phone is a wonderful machine,kudos to the Gionee family.but for a week now my message icon have been giving me an error message,can’t view or send text messages.please what do I do?

  38. i bought a gionee phone new on last week Tuesday from lagos.d following day i went back to school to write my exam.believe me up till nw the batr3 has been giving me problem an i dnt knw what to do since i bought the phone from lagos.an i dnt tink I’ll b going back to lag anytime soon. am in ilorin plz wat am i going to do.the bat3 is giving me problem an am very disappointed coz they told me their bat3 is the best.

    1. Sorry about the ugly experience , what model of Gionee fone did u get? , where in Lagos did u get it? Are sure sure its a genuine one? If yes , then locate a closer gionee repair service centre with your conplain

  39. I need to get a Gionee phone. I also want to get a genuine one with warrantee. where can i get an accredited dealer in onitsha. your earliest response will be appreciated. Thanks

  40. I need to get a Gionee phone. I also want to get a genuine one with warranty. where can i get an accredited dealer in onitsha? Your earliest response will be appreciated. Thanks!

      1. Hello, I have a Gionee m6′ which is under a year, I bough it brand new from affordable ikeja and I ab my receipt and the carton, now the screen turned black and every other thing is working, I can see led light flashing and I can here message sound, it didn’t fall and the screen is not broken, but they said the screen is bad and need replacement, is my warranty not suppose to cover that since the screen is not broken and it just went bad like that, ur service center are saying I wil, pay for a new screen I don’t understand why

  41. Pls help I newly bought gionee m5 plus on 20th of dis month and it refuse to charge even up to 80% and it discharges fast just 3 days old what do I do? Am in Abuja. My no. 08026988111

  42. Good evening. Please,my Gionee Splus screen got broken just now.I would like to know how much it would costs me to fix another screen. Thank you

      1. please where is the repair center in Surulere lagos. I can’t browse with my airtel sim on my f103 Pro goober. what can I do

  43. My Gionee p5 mini s not charging and I want to know d if it s possible to go to the d office and swap phone den add money for d new one I will chose

  44. I am a resident of ibadan. I bought a gionee f103pro last year but it usually have charging port problem.Each time i go to gionee service center at mokola in ibadan,they dont always have the charging port and i also want to buy a new charger. The charging port has been bad for 3months and still they dont have the accessories. I am sick and tired of all the bullshits i get from them.

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