Samsung Galaxy S7 render video leak retains Galaxy S6 design

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For lovers of the Samsung brand, the release of the much hyped Samsung Galaxy S7 may just be weeks away. That hasn’t in anyway stopped leaks and rumors from surfacing.

The latest being a YouTube video leak released by @OnLeaks who happens to have a reliable track record. The video features a device which bears semblance with the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is no surprise bearing in mind that the Galaxy S6 just got a new, reinvigorating look and rumors have had it that the S7 is going to carry the same design as the S6.

What is evident from the render video is just  a few twerks of the Galaxy S6 with the S7 having a curvier design and what seem like a glass back but on the whole its got the same positioning of the camera and flash and basically almost the same design with the S6 model which is somewhat disappointing.

However it is hoped that with the supposed reintroduction of the much-missed microSD slot and other features, the Samsung Galaxy S7 promises to be a huge hit.

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