world's thinnest 65-inch TV

Letv Super 4 Max65 Blade is world’s thinnest 65-inch TV

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China-based Internet conglomerate Letv,in addition to its planned cooperation with Faraday Future and unveiling of the Letv Le Max Pro has announced a 65” TV  Super 4 Max65 Blade which it claimed is world’s thinnest 65-inch TV.

Letv claims that the Super 4 Max65 Blade TV thickness is just 3.9mm which is amounts to about the Size of of two coins .The Letv Super 4 Max65 Blade TV  separate Speaker (Harman Kardon 70w) isn’t part of the display,but  it is  included in the TV stand at the bottom.

That is all the info available now ,we  shall update you on other specifications, features, pricing or availability for the television when such is made available.

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