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Google self driving car isn’t self driving after all

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Google self driving car has shown that it still needs that human touch, facts have emerged. This was revealed in a report filed by the tech giant with the California Department of Motor Vehicle(DMV).

The report which is the first time Google is filing what will be an annual report with the California state Department of Motor Vehicle, reveals some startling but interesting fact and yet promising facts.

Although regulations by the California state makes it compulsory that a driver needs to be behind the wheels of the supposed self driving cars in order for the cars to be on the road. Even though they may never need to intervene by reverting to manual controls.

However here are some interesting facts: in the last 14 months, Google self driving cars have nearly been in at least 13 crashes and the cars have needed to be reverted to manual control 341 times, the report filed by the Mountain view firm shows.

Over the past 14 months, 49 of the google self-driving cars collectively rode a total of 424,000 miles. In that time, the cars suffered 341 disengagements, basically what Google is identifying as a time when the car handed control back to the driver or when the driver felt the need to take over.

Of those 341 incidents, 272 of them were caused by a technology failure, which by Google’s definition range in severity from minor communication breakdowns to a problem with steering or the brakes.

Now, when faced with one of those problems, it’s up to the driver to decide to act or let everything play out and see if he/she ends up on the wrong side of a car crash.

Of all the cases of interventions, the driver only felt the need to intervene 69 times. Thus, in more than a year of the cars running,a driver only felt the need to do something 69 times which is not a shabby figure. And in reality, of the 69 times the driver did take over, Google admitted in the report that 13 of them would’ve resulted in what its referred to as “simulated contacts” had the driver not taken the wheel. In order words, an accident would likely had occurred those 69 times.

While the numbers ain’t looking bad, it is hoped that the Google self driving car will receive some fixes and maybe bring out a much better result in what will be an annual report until the cars get certified fit to run on the road.

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