10 Things to Stop Saying to Android Users in 2016

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It’s a brand new year, 2016 and its high time the records are set very straight. Google’s Android operating system has really come a long way and endured some traumatic bashing from Apple iPhone users over time.

But in reality, the iPhone seem to have been playing second fiddle all. Its been an over-rated device if you ask me and my fellow android users.

Well, Android is not inferior to the iPhone and it is just appropriate that iPhone users realise that and stop giving us these outdated opinions we get when we encounter iPhone users because they are dead wrong!

1. “Who uses Android?” Any one asking this kinda question is probably living in the stone age. Come on, get with the times. Lots and lots of blokes and divas who’s got swag use Android. In reality, about 83% of smartphone users in the world are Android users.

2. “Android is too slow/laggy.” Says who? An IPHONE USER? Sorry you dead wrong, because my Android phone works just fine for me.

3. “The app is only available in the Apple App Store…” And so what? No Android app? Well, who loses, definitely not me, the App developer loses. That is a huge huge loss on the part of the App company by neglecting the TONS of Android users that can send their revenue skyrocketing.

4. “Android always copies Apple.” I’m not sure about that presently. Google and Apple are constantly at each other’s necks trying to beat each other to the next life-changing smart phone feature. Sure, Apple beats Google to the punch every now and then, but Google has beaten Apple to the punch countless times as well. Multi-tasking, drop-down notifications, customizable wallpaper, widgets, a lowercase keyboard – all features Android had first.

5. “Apple’s better because everything syncs on iCloud.” Android users can also sync everything on Google Drive. Capish!

6. “How can you live without iTunes?” We’ve got Google Play and in addition Android has got a Gmail app. Come on, what would you do without Gmail?

7. “But you don’t have Siri.” Dude Android has got what the iPhone has. Well, almost. We’ve got  Google Now, works like Siri…..practically.

8. “Your camera is too confusing.” It really isn’t. You point and and press the big button on the bottom/left. It’s not rocket science! Even my grandma uses it perfectly well.

9.“You’re going to switch to Apple sooner or later.” Actually, I really love Android and have no plans of switching. Not now, not in the near future, not in the distant future.

10. “Apple is so much better though.” I’m seriously tempted to want to tag the iPhone an over-rated, over-priced piece of garbage but I won’t do that even though I think the iPhone is overrated. So too you are entitled to your opinion but the facts are bare. So let’s just leave it at that.


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